7 Stock Broker Courses in India Worth Investing Money

A stockbroking career is considered rewarding in the Indian Stock Market. It has become a mainstream career in stock market after graduation as well as veterans who are looking for a career shift. Moreover, the compensation offered to the stock market professional is very competitive as compared to other jobs.

How to Become a Good Stock Brokers?

There are many courses related to the stock market which will help you learn key skills. Learning from the best online share market training institute will not only give an edge to your profile. While helping you get placed in a good organization. Some of India’s highest ratings retail brokers and financial product distributors are icici direct, Motilal Oswal, and Kotak securities.

7 Top Courses For Stock Broker in India

IFMC offers 16 share market courses. Those are broadly classified as Financial Market Courses to prepare students for a competitive employment opportunity. Each program delivers cutting-edge share market education who are willing to pursue a career in the stock market. Besides, the courses are not ordinary. Because the focus is on ‘Next Generation Technology’. Indeed the courses are industry integrated and recognized by reputed corporates worldwide. Here is a list of 7 best stock trading courses in India worth all-time.

1. Uni-Directional Trade Strategies (UDTS)

Unidirectional Trade Strategies - Best Selling Course

UDTS is an internationally recognized course offered by IFMC. To emphasize, the UDTS course focus on delivering formal education for both stock market beginners and even for those who are working for long in the stock market but not able to make any profits. Hence, the course will help them to fill in the gap in their understanding and where they are positioned. The course includes a study of live intraday trading where students will learn how to trade stocks online under the guidance of an expert.

Program Highlights

  • Certified program
  • Faculty with industry experience
  • 6 months course validity
  • Live market examples

Who can take the stock market course:

The course is beneficial for traders and investors. Also, individuals who want to build a career in the financial market can also take the course. An expert stock market can invest confidently while managing the risk. Hence, there is no basic requirement to apply for the course.

What to expect?
The course is divided into three parts:

  • Basics: Learn the stock market basics, rules of trading, intraday trading, positional trading, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis. The best course for a stock market beginner.
  • Analysis: Learn strategies to analyze market behaviour and trends as well as get an insight into the bullish and bearish market using different parameters.
  • Applicability: Acquiring knowledge about technical and fundamental tools is not sufficient. Learning how to apply knowledge in the market is equally significant.

2. Online Technical Analysis Course for Beginners

technical analysis course

Online Technical Analysis course is the most important topic for anyone working in the stock market. Because the technical analysis is a technique to predict stock prices based on demand and supply. It’s a complete study of indicators and charts which simplifies the process of analyzing trends. By the end of this course, you will master the trading strategies and risk management techniques.

Program Highlights:

  • Certified program
  • Faculty with industry experience
  • 6 months course validity
  • 24 recorded videos
  • Course duration: 12 hours
  • Language: Hindi

Who can take this course:
The course is beneficial for individuals, students, bankers, traders, working professionals, and housewives. IFMC offers the best technical analysis courses for students who want to develop psychological stability to manage risk and trade successfully in the stock market.

What to expect?
IFMC’s best technical analysis course is another best classroom lecture with a simple language, covering from basic to professional training. It’s an interactive and dynamic course. The course module is based on simplicity, case studies, examples, and live market practicals. The stockbroker course fees are very affordable.

3. Stock Market Course for Traders

Stock Market Course For Traders

Learn stock trading online with experts to invest and trade in stocks with instruction and guidance from IFMC professionals. Our fundamental stock trading course is an elementary strategy, where students learn how to trade in stocks and how to invest in stocks. Also, ins and outs of how to do stock trading. It’s the best online course for share trading.

The course empowers the student to understand new and improved ways of trading. Before trading, one should have the proper knowledge. Moreover, these types of stockbroker courses fee are very economical at IFMC.

Program Highlights:

  • Certified program
  • Faculty with industry experience
  • Total course time: 31 hours
  • 9 months course validity
  • 65 recorded videos
  • Language: Hindi

Who can take this course:

The stock market course for traders is ideal for individuals, bankers, traders, students, working professionals, house wives, retired officers, and anyone who want to invest his money in the stock market including the currency market.

What to expect?
The course will give you a comprehensive overview of the structure of a financial market. A good technical understanding of the different segment mechanics. The course provides a brief knowledge of buying and selling of shares. The traders must know the tools and techniques to calculate profit and loss in the market. These calculation techniques are explained in this No.1 Share Trading Course.

4. Quick Trader Course

Quick Trader Course - Best Selling Course

Quick Trade online program is the basic program of IFMC aimed at a beginner in the Stock Market. The students will learn the basics of all four markets that is Capital Market, Derivative Market, Commodity Market, Currency Market along with complete Uni-directional trade strategies (UDTS) program. You get pre-recorded videos in a simple language which makes learning easy.

Program Highlights

  • Recorded Video: 34 videos
  • Total Video Time : 13:30 Hours approx
  • Language: Hindi
  • Books: No
  • Faculty: Mr.Manish Taneja, Mr.Vinod Garg

Who can take this course? 

Quick Trader course is ideal for students who want to be a part of a certified stockbroker course in India. Indian stock market is constantly involving, thereby, stock market beginners, investors, traders, dealers, and people working with the financial market can join the Quick trader program.

5. Stock Market Course For Professionals

Stock market course for professionals is a three-month programme specially designed for all students and professionals who wish to specialize in the stock market. This is one of its programme for all those who wish to do specialization stock market trading, Equity, Equity Derivative, Currency, Commodity Markets, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis. This course covers Options Basic Strategies and Advanced Greeks.

Even those students who have done MBA Finance, Marketing and even HR or any other field can do Specialization in share market which is the most upcoming sector of the financial market. The module is based on Theory as well as practical. The course includes Capital, derivatives, options, commodity, and currency market operations, in broking industry,  technical analysis, fundamental analysis and, options strategy in financial institutions and banks. This is a three-month oriented course in the financial market as a part of BFSI segment.

What to expect?

  • Get Complete Knowledge of all four markets Equity, Future & Options, Commodity and Currency
  • Get Complete practical training on Software used for online trading (ODIN Diet)
  • Get Complete knowledge of Technical Analysis
  • Get Complete knowledge of Fundamental Analysis
  • Get Complete knowledge of Option Strategy Certification

6. Diploma in Financial & Stock Market

Diploma in Financial & Stock Market Course by IFMC Institute New Delhi

Diploma in financial and Stock markets is a 6-month programme designed by IFMC to meet the growing need of the Finacial/banking Industry. It gives a comprehensive approach to students to enter in Share market and Stock Market, Broking Industry, depository, and Banks. DFSM is one of its kind programmes as it makes you fit and completely trained for the industry. Complete Practical and Theoretical knowledge gives the candidate an edge in the market.

This a 100% Job oriented programme and is completely suitable for all those doing graduation or any other professional course and are looking for Stock Market courses /course or Share Market Courses.

What to expect?

100% Job oriented course along with graduation

  • A complete and comprehensive programme for all those who wish to specialize in stock market
  • A great add-on course along with Graduation, MBA
  • Industry recognized programme
  • Based on theory as well as practical for complete knowledge
  • You enter the industry completely trained and fit
  • Faculty with 15 years of experience in Teaching trading
  • Practice on Live Markets
  • Workshops and other programmes and meet with industry experts.
  • Become 100% confident to trade and earn
  • 5 tier exposure Faculty, Practical Faculty, Older investor and Trader, Research Team, group discussion, Reliance Securities

7. Certification Course in Stock Market

Certificate Course in Stock Market

Certificate course in the stock market is a four-month programme formulated for those who wish to enter the stock market and become stock market dealers, system operators’. This course covers four markets of the Indian stock industry viz capital market/derivative market /commodity market & currency market. It is a basic programme in the Job Oriented series with 100%  Placement Records. You can also join online stock market course in Mumbai.

What to Expect?

  • This is a beginner programme for all job seekers in the financial/broking industry.
  • You can upgrade further to a diploma and advance diploma.
  • A complete blend of theory + practicals.
  • Faculty with 15 years of experience in teaching & trading.
  • Practice in live markets.
  • Filling of account opening form/IPOs’, mutual funds.
  • Managing records how to check Clint portfolio, management of clients
  • A great add-on course along with Graduation, MBA
  • Industry recognized programme
  • Based on theory as well as practical for complete knowledge
  • You enter the industry completely trained and fit
  • Workshops and other programmes and meet with industry experts.
  • Become 100% confident to trade and earn
  • 5 tier exposure Faculty, Practical Faculty, Older investor and Trader, Research Team, group discussion, Reliance Securities

What Will You Get?

  • NCFM Capital Market Module certification
  • NISM Equity Derivative Market Module & NCFM Derivative Market
  • Dealers Module
  • NISM Currency Derivative Market Module certification
  • NCFM Commodity Market certification
  • IFMC Certification- Certificate course in stock market

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Most In-Demand Stock Broker Course Online

If you are a prospective share market student looking for a stockbroker course in India. Take a look at the most popular top stock brokers course online by IFMC Institute.

IFMC Institute

IFMC Institute is governed by representatives who act as an IFMCians. We strive to build a culture of continuous learning and industry interactions. IFMC enables stock market professionals to expand their knowledge, stay tuned with emerging knowledge, and upgrade skills to climb a career in stock market. We are committed to producing Stock Market Analyst, Technical Analyst, NSE, BSE, NCFM, and NISM certification, Equity Analyst, Research Analyst and other financial market professionals for this upcoming sector.


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