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Learn stock market in Ahmedabad from NSE certified technical analyst. Speed up your career in stock market exclusive with IFMC Institute and get world-class stock market training in Ahmedabad.

Why Should You Take Online Share Market Course in Ahmedabad?

There is no prerequisite to attend share market training in Ahmedabad. The program is perfect for beginners in stock investing or want to advance a career in share market.

Build Your Skills

Learn 5 essential stock market skills of analysis, research, discipline, focus, record keeping. Join India’s biggest e-learning platform where the instructor trains you winning trading strategies.

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1000+ Job Opportunities

Earn NSE BSE certification to get a job in Indian stock market. Join the best stock market certification course in Ahmedabad and become a stock broker, financial advisor, research analyst, or portfolio manager.

Grow Your Career
Self-Paced Learning

Get 9 months of access to high-quality self-paced learning content. The share market content is curated by stock market exchange specialist.

Who Should Attend Online Stock Market Classes in Ahmedabad?

Online stock market course is one of our most popular programs. Students can take the course in Ahmedabad to study and improve knowledge. The programs are divided into different specialisation based on student level.

Stock Market Course for Beginners

This program is for stock market newbies. The stock market course will help beginners to start from scratch. The program covers basics like what is stock market, what are shares, and how to invest in the market. Perhaps, you do not have to miss your semester as you learn online. Developing basic knowledge about the market will strengthen students baseline. Take the first step to learn share market. Our curriculum is strolled perfectly for intermediates who want to learn 101 investment strategies.

Stock Market for Investors

Investing your money in share market is a reliable way to create wealth. An investor can make huge money from stock market investing. But it requires knowledge, analytical skills, and discipline. Our stock market courses for investors will help you learn how to invest in stocks. Alongside, master proved strategy for investing in the stock market for smart investors. Nevertheless, understanding how the stock market works will aid you to invest smarter.

Stock Market Course for 10+2

Students looking to establish a career in the stock market can join IFMC Institute. Stock market course for intermediate is for students who are pursuing or studying in school. The program will cover stock market introduction investing for beginners. Thus, starting early to learn how to read the stock market will give you allow to get successful employment in the financial market.

Share Market Course for Beginners

Are you looking for a share market institute in Ahmedabad? Join our online courses suites best for newbies. Stock market course for beginners in Ahmedabad covers 6 NSE modules. Therefore, you do not need a degree to land your dream job. The course serves as an introduction to the stock market principles required to tackle trading problems. This also includes study primary market and capital market.

Stock Market Course for Graduates

Stock market course for graduates in Ahmedabad empower students who want to upgrade their knowledge. Perhaps, if you have a strong desire to learn share trading through certified analyst then this program isfor you. Stock market course for professionals is for students want to improve their ability to risk management and portfolio management. Moreover, master your trading skills essential for displined traders. Therefore, traders can learn from top share market training institute in Ahmedabad.

Stock Market Course for Retired and Housewives

We take stock market course Ahmedabad at IFMC serious. You can join online best share market course in Ahmedabad if you are a retired person or a housewife. An online stock market class in Ahmedabad gives you the flexibility to learn at the comfort of home. You can learn share market in Gujarat online at self-pace. We will provide you with the best technical analysis training in India. You can learn risk-free trading strategies for beginners by BSE experts.

Why Need to Join Online Stock Market Courses in Ahmedabad from IFMC?

Struggling with which share market institute in Ahmedabad to join? IFMC Institute share market course aims to educate investors, traders and equity dealers. Fortunately for students who are looking to transform data into actionable insights.

Which is the Top Online Stock Market Course in Ahmedabad?

IFMC brings the best online stock market courses in Ahmedabad to study at self-paced.

Online Stock Market Course For Beginners

Want a general overview of share marketing before getting into deep? IFMC online stock market course for a beginner in Ahmedabad is a great way to start. In fact, learning the stock market is not a challenge for you anymore. If you are looking to start, the online stock market course for beginners is the right module to start.

The stock marketing classes in Ahmedabad covers the all basics. For example, what is stock trading, what is stock investing, and what are the important share market tips. You need not spend hundreds of dollars to learn share market in Ahmedabad. Besides, enrol to IFMC beginner’s online stock market course which involves less time commitment.

Online Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis course online helps students from Ahmedabad, Gujarat to study from home. Students who are looking to expand their trading knowledge should take technical analysis course. The best online best technical analysis course for a technical analyst in Ahmedabad empowers to focus on learning trading patterns, psychology, trading strategies, and money-making trading techniques.

The 12 hours online technical analysis course in Ahmedabad is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Where students can benefit from e-learning platform to learn technical analysis in a simplistic manner. Moreover, the course will teach you how to interpret chart patterns, graphs, candlestick charts, candle pattern, support & resistance, and trading skills important for money management and risk management.

Online Diploma in Financial & Stock Market Course

Stock market diploma course in Ahmedabad is a prominent program available for students who wish to make a career in the financial markets, banking, insurance, mutual funds, securities market and back office.

We are recognise for offering best stock market courses in Ahmedabad. We are commit to prepare students for NSE stock market certification examination. The exam is mandatory for students who want to get a job as a dealer, relationship manager, financial advisors,  wealth manager, portfolio manager, and equity analyst. Students can also choose an online course to study at self-paced.

Online Options Strategy Course (by Manish Taneja)

Options Strategy module is an important program which is of interest to Traders, Investors, Students and anyone in the Options Market. It is advisable to have good knowledge about basic of Options or clear Derivative module before taking up this module.

Strategies for options trading can be used for hedging, taking a view on the future direction of the market or for arbitrage. Options are also helpful for implementing various trading strategies such as Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly etc. Thus to generate income for the investor under various market conditions.

Online Capital Market Course

Capital market module prepares students for NSE NCFM certification. The course covers the basics of the capital market and how to trade stocks. The capital market comprises the primary and secondary market. IFMC is best online stock market institute in Ahmedabad to pursue capital market courser.

It gives students an understanding of the basics of the stock market. In the course, students can learn to share trading practice. Online share market classes in Ahmedabad endeavor to train students for NCFM module preparation. The NSE module certification course is for traders, investors, and brokers who want to work in the stock exchange.

Online Currency Market Course

Online currency market course is the most important part of the Stock Market, however, it is least tapped. Currency Market is the world’s largest market, but in India people do not understand it much as compared to Equity and Commodity market.

Let’s learn how the world market affects currency and view Currency affects the world market. This topic is important from the examination point of view also. Knowledge of Currency is now being most sought after.

Uni-Directional Trade Strategies© Course

UDTS is applicability based video and after going through these classroom videos you will be able to trade more accurately and restrict your losses. Students looking for share trading course in Ahmedabad can study online. UDTS is a best course on trading intraday strategies. The course will help you create a strong portfolio management skills require for make money.

This course contains market behaviours, basics of technical tools, analytics to find the trend and lastly applicability of technical tools in the live market with example.


We do not commit false promises. At IFMC Institute stock market placement centre, we offer complete placement help with our 100% job-oriented courses. Our students are placed with great banking and financial institutions like HDFC, ICICI, Reliance Securities, LIC, and many more. Students can apply to the internship at top bank and insurance firms.

We ensure to adhere to current share market curriculum as per industry demand. Perhaps, the course curriculum is designed by experienced stock market traders turned educators who have investments time to curate quality content infused with in-demand trading methodology. The classes is led by expert stock market trainers in Delhi. 

Students can enrol for online share market certification course at IFMC Institute. The course covers 11 NSE modules important to prepare for NCFM certification and NISM certification exam. IFMC is the best institute for share market training in Ahmedabad offered by NSE, SEBI, and BSE examination. The certification exam will help you secure career and increase job prospects in the financial market.

IFMC Institute stock market classes in Ahmedabad are led by certified instructors. Our team of faulty comprise of senior research analyst and technical analyst. They bring over 20 years of experience in share trading.

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