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Job Oriented Courses in the Stock Market After 12th, or Graduation

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Start your job search in the Stock Market with our comprehensive in-classroom job-oriented Courses in the Stock Market. Learn the basics of trading with our beginner course and open your own broking firm with our advanced courses

IFMC offers three types of job oriented courses. The first is a diploma. A diploma is a course of study that usually takes 3 months to complete. The second is an advanced diploma. An advanced diploma is a course of study that usually takes 6 to 12 months to complete. The third type, of course, is a certificate. A certificate is a course of study that usually takes 3-12 months to complete.

If you’re interested in learning more about the basics of trading, then our beginner’s trading course could be an excellent starting point! The stock market beginner course is ideal for students pursuing careers in the financial sector, banking, or insurance sector. Additionally, if you’re keen on discovering more about opening your own broking company or advisory firm, then our advanced courses in these areas could be just the ticket.
We also offer short-term stock market certification courses in the NCFM exam and NISM exam for those looking for a job in the Indian Stock Market. The certification course covers complete practical training required to obtain a job in the NSE / BSE stock exchange of India.

At IFMC, students from all over India come to Delhi and take stock market classes to become job-ready through our internships programmes. IFMCians are much in demand in the job market.

With an emphasis on preparing students for entry-level careers, our programs offer relevant employment-focused training in finance and investment management including trader training in stock market courses.

Surprisingly, today the demand for graduate students with skills is in high demand in the job market, especially if they have experience in a course of a skill-related academic programme.

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