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IFMC is one of the leading Stock Market Educational Institute in Delhi, India to Learn Share Trading, Technical Analysis courses, and Preparation for NSE, SEBI, NISM certifications to make a career in Stock Markets, Financial Markets and Banking Sector. IFMC the Stock Market Institute has courses for Investors, Traders, and Students both in Classroom as well as Online.

IFMC has extremely simple courses for a common man by which even a beginner can learn share trading with ease and confidence.

We welcome international students to join to learn share market training institute to master the knowledge of NIFTY, SENSEX, INDEX, debentures, bonds, Stock price, IPO etc at an affordable cost of share market course fee in Delhi.

IFMC Institute is world renowned for its Unique, Simple, Innovative & Copyright Trading Strategies by Senior Research Analyst Mr Manish Taneja having 25 Years experience in Stock Markets.

UDTS© is one of the best-selling trading courses at IFMC Institute that has changed the way traders trade in the Stock Market. UDTS© is based on Basics of Technical Analysis. It has over 10 Million views on YouTube across the globe and IFMC Channel has been recognised with Silver Creator Award (Silver Button) from YouTube for astonishing 1,00,000 Subscribers.

IFMC helps in preparation of NCFM-NISM modules by SEBI, NSE for making Career in Financial Market & Stock Market. It also provides jobs in the Financial Market and Banking Sector with complete practical training in UDTS© Labs and also provides Internship to students.



  • Stock Market Traders Losing Money in Stock Market

  • Anyone who wants to trade in Indian Stock Market for extra returns.

  • Housewives and Retired Professionals
    who want to generate
    extra income.

  • Anyone who wants to be a consultant and sub-broker.

  • Students of CA / CS / ICWA / CFA who want to upgrade their knowledge.

  • After graduation / Post Graduation / MBA - Skilled Training Course for Quick job / Career oriented courses stock market.

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In stock market you don't want to loose money, for this you have to gain practical experience and knowledge of financial markets. My decision of taking admission in IFMC proved right. Live practical exposure to the stock market and seminars by financial experts makes IFMC best financial institute.

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IFMC is No.1 acclaimed Stock Market Institute in Delhi, India for Share market courses & Technical Analysis training. The institution marks a tremendous achievement in the short-term and long-term job-oriented / skill development/Investor and traders’ courses. Promoters of IFMC are in this field since 1995 and for the past 24 years, they have been training investors and traders. With the launch of UDTS© the ultimate simplistic stock trading strategy in 2018 IFMC became a global name.

Today IFMC is recognised as one of the most prestigious and trusted names for stock market education and grown into a prominent sector of vocational training institutions and is now the biggest institute of the financial sector for stock and share market training and technical analysis training in online as well as classroom courses in India. IFMC Institute is growing under the profound vision of Sr. Research Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja . IFMC has a strong team of stock market faculty of 108 professors who constantly abreast with industry knowledge to empower aspirants with classroom and online share trading classes through the e-learning platform.

Its plethora of e-learning platform, state-of-art practical labs and its NSE certified technical analysts have earned YouTube silver Play Button for over 9 million views and 1  Lac plus subscribers.

IFMC recognized for “Excellence in Financial Market Courses 2018” by Delhi City Icon Awards for its best-selling Uni-Directional Trade Strategy© course. UDTS© trading strategies entitles 14,000+ students to learn share trading from 150+ countries including positional traders, day traders, and intraday trading of beginners.

IFMC has tie-ups across hostels and canteens in the nearby institute. Offer all facilities for international students with stay, laundry, food, and locker. IFMC Delhi has set a benchmark in stock market education and is the best-rated institute in Delhi, India.

Students can be part of educational philosophy and white-collar job industry by joining the Job-oriented programs. If you are a passionate investor or you want to make a career in financial markets, IFMC helps you to prepare for certification courses of NSE, BSE, NCFM, NISM, SEBI,BCSM, MCX, NCDEX, MCXSX, CDSL, NSDL. Also, you can find out which diploma, degree and certifications in stock market after graduation and 12th class.

Our course caters all aspects of placement needs for equity dealer, relationship managers, wealth managers, financial planners, arbitrages, business development executives, technical analyst, fundamental analysts, portfolio managers, Sub brokers etc.

We welcome international students to join and learn share market training institute to master the knowledge of NIFTY, SENSEX, INDEX, debentures, bonds, Stock price, IPO etc at an affordable cost of share market course fee in Delhi.

The online stock market course in Delhi by IFMC are benefitting  Sub-brokers ,students looking for jobs in broking houses, Banks, insurance firms, and research houses. Our preferred employers include Reliance money, Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, Sharekhan, HDFC securities, Anand Rathi, Bonanza Portfolio, Geojit BNP Paribas. Students looking for admission support can talk to our counsellors.

Stock Market/Share Market fascinates one and all but do you know how to begin in the stock market?

What is NSE / BSE?
Just like 2 Stock Exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ in USA , similarly, in India, we have Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

SENSEX and NIFTY are the index of BSE and NSE respectively that calculate the rise and fall of the Stock Market.

SENSEX & NIFTY are the barometer of the Stock Market Movement.

Just as Dow Jones is bunch of top 30 companies of NYSE and NASDAQ in USA ,SENSEX is a bunch of top 30 shares and NIFTY is a bunch of a top 50 shares of Indian Stock Market. Through these two indexes one can keep a check on the economic health of the Indian Economy.

SEBI is the top Govt body that governs NSE,BSE and all stock broking companies. Whereas the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is governed by RBI. NSDL & CDSL are depositories and custodians for clients stock in their DP accounts or Dmat account.

What is Demat A/C?
All those who wish to invest and trade in the stock market must have a Demat Account.One must be a citizen of India, have a PAN card or Adhar card, and must have an operational bank account.

Demat account can hold equities,debentures, bonds, mutual funds, and IPO’s in electronic form. An investor can hold these financial instruments in his Demat A/C for investment and long-term wealth creation.

Demat is compulsory for all IPO application.

Trading account can be opened with any registered stock broker or bank for share trading.

Who is a Stock Broker?
Any person or organisation who executes buy and sell orders for stocks and other securities on behalf of clients. He should be a registered member at the Stock  exchange of that country. Every investor or trader has to open trading account with brokers of stock exchange to invest or trade in financial markets.Broker charges brokrage for every transaction and he is abide by rules and regulations laid by the specific stock exchange of whome he is member of.

How to get started with learn share market in India?
Learn share market with IFMC Institute online or classroom courses. We offer stock market courses for both beginners and professionals. Whether you want to learn share market basics or want to learn advanced technical analysis, we got several courses to help you trade stocks strategically.


Learn More About Stock Market Courses

The stock market is a rewarding investment opportunity. Investing in the stock market allows investors to make a higher return and combat the effects of inflation. Essentially, stock trading is the key to getting ahead to individuals’ financial independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the stock market?

The stock market is where investors and traders are involved in buying and selling shares of publicly listed companies that are offered through IPOs (Initial Public Offering). The share prices determine the company’s future worth. A stock market trader bet on an individual stock with an expectation that its price will increase. However, the price movement fluctuates because of several external factors which make it risky for investing trading.

Learning about the stock market empowers knowledge seekers to make the right trading style. Stock market investing offers lucrative opportunities to investors by diversifying portfolios. Anyone can benefit from the stock market. Whether you are looking to invest your savings or want to pursue a career in the financial sector. The stock market is emerging as a propounding sector for both investors and students.

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What Stock traders do?

The primary role of a stock trader is to trade shares. That means to buy shares at a cheap price and sell at a higher price. For liquidity in the financial market, the traders are pivotal. Traders use different trading strategies to discover correct entry and exit timing through the study of charts. This requires several steps. Initially, a trader must identify suitable stocks. Next, determine its resistance and support levels. Once they get the levels, they analyze the market trends (bullish and bearish). In the end, they make a trading call based on the numbers they calculate. Sometimes, the trader needs to consider the fundamental analysis of stocks to evaluate a company’s intrinsic value.

Thus, a stock trader must make sure that they stay within the trend. To analyze the market price movement, a stock market trader utilizes a combination of investing and trading techniques to place profitable traders. But, before they invest in real-time, they consider putting their strategy on paper trade to hypothetically determine the efficacy of trading positions, portfolios, and profit or losses.

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How can I learn stock trading on my own?

Yes, it is possible to learn stock trading on your own. As long as you stay focused and motivated, you can acquire any skill. Luckily, IFMC Institute offers a variety of online stock market courses and live webinar classes. Start with determining the stock trading specialization that interests you. If you are a job seeker, then join the stock market beginner course. Starting with learning the trading basics will motivate you to take the first step. If you are not sure where you want to start, then start with learning macroeconomics. It is an excellent introduction to understand why markets move and will be useful as a Retail Traders. By following the stock market tutorials courses at the IFMC Institute website you can choose your choice of topics. Once you have developed the firm base of skills that interest you, then you can enroll to advance concepts of W.D Gann Strategy, Options Trading, and more. When learning on your own, setting a goal plan motivates you to achieve learning stock market goals.

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How can I Learn About Stock Trading through IFMC?

IFMC Institute is the best institute for stock trading courses. The institute offers a variety of attractive online stock trading courses on topics related to stock market basics courses, stock market investor and trader courses, and job-oriented courses. IFMC designed valuable stock market courses, keeping in mind the needs of an average person. We designed the course on the stock market for the first time in history, keeping in mind the need for simple and easy-to-understand language for non-financial service professionals. IFMC is a top-ranked stock market institute (also certified by ISO 9001:2005). Investing courses at IFMC are affordable, comprehensive, and accessible to beginning investors. See our list of the best investing courses and how they compare. You can also take online stock market preparatory courses on NISM certification and NCMF certification exams. Students don’t need to work on their practice as now they can also access NISM / NCFM mock test papers. This will ease your trading knowledge and guarantee you to qualify for the exam.

Above all, taking online share market courses remotely allows you to flexible your learning schedule. You can fit into your existing work schedule and family life. Although, online courses in the stock market offer the same experience as on-campus classes on the stock market, at a much lower cost.

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What skills do I need to join stock market courses?

IFMC courses on the stock market are simple. We have beginners to advanced-level courses catering to the vast needs of knowledge seekers. The stock market beginner level programmer helps students to build foundational knowledge about the equity markets for wealth creation. The advanced stock market courses focus on empowering students with research skills, analytics skills, and the ability to read technical charts in the capital markets. Then there are Professional Trading Strategy courses that help new investors to develop an ability to trade, proper entry and exit time, determine the risk of a stock investment, and more.

Each course covers stock market theoretical and practical know-how. By the end of each course, students develop financial acumen, patience, and discipline to make accurate trading decisions. If you have a financial management background, then you are most likely to possess these skills. Traders who desire to become successful stock market traders are often diligent researchers. They are always enthusiastic to sell information which helps them find and analyze companies with higher returns on investment (ROI). Many traders rely on stock market courses books, stock market courses pdf, and stock trading focus for insights and forums. Making trading calls based on margin trading is the biggest investment mistake. If you want to establish a career in the stock market, they require you to identify shares with strong underlying value based on powerful fundamentals.

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What are the common career paths in the stock market?

The most common career profile in the stock market industry is a job as a stockbroker and stock market analyst. These are elementary profiles where a stockbroker is required to perform daily trading calls. After gaining years of work experience, the next path to stock market brokers is to become an investment advisors. From theory, you can earn a position in financial planning. Other suitable stock market jobs in India are for mutual fund advisors, hedge funders, market researchers, fundamental analysts, technical analysts, due diligence officers, risk analysts, and more.

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