Stock Market Training - Live Interactive Session 2023 by IFMC through Web Classes

Name of Programme
Beginner To Advance Level
1.5 Months ( Classes on Alternate days)
20 days Programme on Regular Basis
20 days Programme on Regular Basis
Number of Hours
30 hr (1.5 hr per day)
Subject Included

Beginner Series 4 Days (6hr)
UDTS Trading Strategies 4 Days (6hr)
Technical Analysis 6  Days (9hr)
Options Strategies 6 Days (9hr)

Programme Fee
28,000 - 30% OFF =Rs 19600 (Inclusive of GST)

What You Will Get : -

What Mentor Expect : -



Primary Market – 1.5 hr

  • Introduction to Stock Market
  • Investing vs Trading

Secondary Market – 1.5 hr

  • Types of Markets
  • Equity Market Operations

Derivatives – 1.5 hr

  • Basis of Futures
  • Basics of Options

How To Start Investing – 1.5hrs

  • PE Value And Portfolio Making

Live Classes Beginner Series Rs 5000 -15% OFF =Rs 4250 /-
(Inclusive of GST)

UDTS Trading Model by IFMC

  • Study on MADE – 0.50 hrs
  • Study on Trend and Market Behavior – 1 hr
  • Study on UDTS Intraday – 1.5 hr
  • Study on UDTS Positional and Long Positional – 1.5 hr
  • Trade Model -1.5 hr

Live Classes UDTS Trade Model 6000/- 15% OFF = Rs 5100 /-
(Inclusive of GST)

Options Strategies

Derivative Market Basic 1.5 hr

  • What is futures What is futures
  • Difference between Cash & Futures
  • Stocks & Nifty Derivatives
  • Live Practical’s on Derivatives

Basics of Option 1.5 hr

  • Calls Option & Put Option


  • Live Practical’s in Future Trading


  • Live Practical’s in Options Trading

Option Strategies Single Leg 1.5 hrs

  • Long Call
  • Short Call
  • Long Put
  • Short Put

With future Strategies 1.5 hrs

  • Covered Call
  • Protective Call
  • Covered Put
  • Protective Put

With options strategies 1.5hrs

  • Long Straddle
  • Short Straddle
  • Long Strangle
  • Short Strangle
  • Bull Call Spread
  • Bear Call Spread
  • Bull Put Spread
  • Bear Put Spread

Other options strategies 1.5 hrs

  • Long Combo Strategies
  • Butterfly Strategies
  • Collar
  • Ratio Spread
  • Option Greeks
  • Iron Condor

Live Classes Options Strategies Rs8500 - 15% OFF = Rs 7225 /-
(Inclusive of GST)

Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis -1.5 hr
    Trends and N & M
  • Candlestick Study – 1.5hr
  • Support and Resistance 1.5 hr
    Breakout Patterns 1.5 hr
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis -1.5 hr Trends and N & M
  • Candlestick Study – 1.5hr
  • Support and Resistance 1.5 hr Breakout Patterns 1.5 hr
  • Gaps
  • Indicators – MA, MACD, RSI, Super Trend 1.5 hr
  • Elliot Wave 1.5hr

Live Classes Technical Analysis Rs 8500 -15% OFF = Rs 7225 /-
(Inclusive of GST)

DEMO - Learn How to Login into Live Web Classes

Demo Video of Live Streaming of Classroom


IFMC LIVE CLASSES THROUGH WEB (login with registered mobile number or email)


ANDROID – download mypepway by IFMC from play store

IOS- download myinstitute

      : Students using IOS (Apple) use ORG CODE - rwqfn to log in. (login with registered mobile number or email)

: If Class is missed by a student he can watch recorded lectures (validity 2 months).

: Students can also download the lectures. (validity-7 days).

Salient features of LITS through new system 

1.Live Class-Room batch

2.Students can clear doubts during or after class and do revision from recorded videos for 2 month after batch finishes.

4. Manish sir will take a session in LIVE class on his turn.

5. Students can opt for single module or complete combo as per his /her requirment.

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Join Live Market Trading Sessions For Investors & Traders

Who Can Join Online Stock Market Classes with Live Interactive Sessions ?

Join interactive trading classes from our instructors expereinced in teaching all streams of financial market.

learn to invest & trade with simplicity


Acquire market knowledge to build a strong base.


Boost your career prospects and get an internship in top companies.

Working Professional

Add value to your profession by getting certification in stock trading.

Housewives / Retired Officers

Become financially independent to achieve your financial goals.


Make a passive income from stock investing.

Live Online Stock Market Trading Classes Advantages

IFMC is ISO 9001:2015 certified financial market institution. We offer an attractive webinar session on the financial market for investors and traders. Whether you’re from USA, Europe, Dubai, Or Anywhere in India. Anyone can enrol to our virtual share market coaching.

Quality stock market training

Industry-specific training

Practical live intraday trading classes

Doubt classes to enhance skills

Stock Trading Online Classes With IFMC

Why choose IFMC live classes in share market trading?

IFMC (IFMC Educational Institutions Private Limited ), ISO certified professional institute for the stock market in India. We provide comprehensive stock market web training to students and entrepreneurs, corporates, and working professionals. We offer 100% practical training in the live trading market, NSE certification, and job placement in top companies in sectors – banking, insurance, BPOs, KPOs, research house, broking firms etc.

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