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Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Investment Analyst & Portfolio Management

IFMC certified Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management is a two-month program specially designed for all students and professionals who wish to specialize in the stock market. At present, just saving your money is not enough, you need to invest your hard-earned money. Just investing is also not enough, you have to keep an eye on your investments. It is possible that our investment doesn’t meet our expectations. Sometimes, we have to modify or change the pattern of our investments. Also sometimes, we just need to sit back and relax and give time to our investments.

We can get an idea of all these things through the NSE (National Stock Exchange of India) certification in IAPM (Investment analysis and portfolio management). IAPM is one of the most popular NCFM Module as it is a very interesting topic in financial markets. Only investing does not serve the purpose, you have to balance your portfolio in such a manner that the mix of debt and equity gives you the optimum return.

The module specifies the kind of markets and its instruments, trading in secondary markets, various techniques of the time value of money including compounding and discounting, analysis of financial statements including income statement and balance sheet, dividend valuation models, valuation of common stocks using EPS, DPS, P/E Ratio, etc. The Module also covers technical analysis, which is more complex than fundamental analysis. It really requires great skills and studies to understand this. Technical analysis is very important to understand the stock market trends.

The module also describes some modern portfolio theories and the ratios used for analyzing the performance of the funds. It also covers the valuation of derivatives- Derivatives include forwards, futures and options. This is a 2-month career-oriented course in financial markets a part of BFSI segment. NSE courses, SEBI courses, and BSEcertification courses are now in huge demand in broking houses, stock market advisory companies, kpo, and investment advisory companies.

Unique feature of Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

  • Can work as portfolio or fund manager in a company
  • Become Expert in how to manage portfolio & hedge funds
  • Become Expert in how to manage money in money & capital market
  • Based on theory as well as practical for complete knowledge
  • Faculty with 15 years of experience in Teaching and trading
  • Practice on Live Markets
  • 5 tier exposure Faculty, Practical Faculty, Older investor and Trader, Research Team, group discussion, Reliance Securities

What Will You Get?

  • NCFM Certification in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • IFMC Certification in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Job Opportunities

After completing this course the students can apply to get jobs in the mutual fund house, research house, private banks, broking houses, asset management company, hedge funds, PE funds, KPOs, credit rating agency, and NBFC.


  • 1 CERTIFICATES OF NCFM Certification in  Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 
  • 1 CERTIFICATION FROM IFMC (Autonomous) in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

*NCFM and NISM Certificates are subjected to appearance for the exam at the NSE Center. You get 100% preparation at the branch.

  • Registration Fees – Rs 1700/-
  • Program Fee – Rs 25,000/-
  • Programme Duration 2 Month
  • Plus GST

Note: Examination fee of NSE & SEBI certification is extra as given

Pay Full or Partial Course Fees

Module: Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

  • Objectives of Investment Decisions (Introduction, Types of Investors, Constraints, Goals of Investors.
  • Financial Markets (Introduction, Primary & Secondary Markets, Trading in Secondary Markets, The Money Market, Repos and Reverses, The Bond Market, Common Stocks, etc)
  • Fixed Income Securities (Introduction: The time value of Money, Simple and Compound Interest Rates, Real and Nominal Interest Rates, Bond Pricing Fundamentals, Bond Yields, Interest Rates, Macaulay Duration and Modified Duration, etc.
  • Capital Market Efficiency (Introduction, Market Efficiency, Departures from the EMH).
  • Financial Analysis and Valuation (Introduction, The Analysis of Financial Statement, Financial Ratios, The Valuation of common Stocks, Technical Analysis).
  • Modern Portfolio Theory (Introduction, Diversification and Portfolio Risks, Equilibrium Module: The Capital Asset Pricing Module, etc.)
  • Valuation of Derivatives (Introduction, Forwards and Futures, Call and Put Options, Forward and Future Pricing, Option Pricing, Black-Scholes Formula, etc.)
  • Investment Management (Introduction, Investment Companies, Active vs. Passive Portfolio Management, Costs of Management: Entry/Exit Loads and Fees, Net Asset Value, Classification of Funds, Other Investment Companies, Performance Assessment of managed funds, etc

Who Should Do This Course?

  • Professional trader, Technical expert, Research Analyst
  • Anyone who wants a job as a portfolio manager

Career Opportunity

Investment Advisor

You can become equity analyst, research analyst, stock analyst, hedge fund manager  or  you become fit for various other posts in various other verticals depending on your overall qualifications

Admission Criteria and Eligibility:

  • The candidate should Minimum 12th (Senior Secondary) pass from any reorganization Board/institutions. We always recommend the candidate should pass at least bachelor degree so that it will be a bit easier to provide placements. Graduate students get job placement on the direct payroll in big companies, and 12th students will get placement in small companies or in sub-brokers office.
  • *placement guarantee refers to (After getting NCFM and NISM Certification of all 10 modules covered in adv. diploma course.
  • All original documents-10th,12th graduation, other professional degree certification and mark sheets must be submitted in as a self-attested copy/copies at the branch at the time of admission and originals must be shown to the center In Charge, failing which admission may be cancelled
  • 95%attendence is must during the programme in each module opted by the student.
  • Remarks /Recommendation of faculty and center Head will be taken in the record after each class
  • Your certification depends on your Attendance, class assessment, projects, internal exams, NSE exams, Practical classes, Projects and Viva
  • The decision of Center in Charge and center Head will be final.

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