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Senior Research Analyst

Mr. Manish Taneja -- Senior Research Analyst IFMC Institute

Mr. Manish Taneja

Senior Research Analyst, 31 Years of Experience

Manish Taneja is a Senior Research Analyst & author of most selling book on intraday trading “UDTS-Intraday trading ka BRHAMASTRA” at IFMC® Educational Institution Pvt. Ltd. He has more than 30 years of stock trading experience. He is known for his simple teaching methods on IFMC®’s YouTube Channel and at the Institute. His Copyrighted content Uni-Directional Trade Strategies©, with over 13 million views on YouTube, is popular in over 171 countries worldwide. He and his team are committed to creating trading courses and trading strategies that are very simple and easy to understand for a common person who wants to trade in the stock market. Their years of experience in the industry have given them the insight and knowledge to develop strategies that anyone can quickly follow without any prior experience or knowledge of the stock market. Their goal is to make trading accessible to everyone so that anyone can make a profit from the stock market.

People are generally afraid to invest in the stock market because of the inherent risk involved. Learning about the stock market is a distant dream for many people because it seems complex and intimidating. However, the lectures by Mr Manish Taneja are a great way to learn about the stock market. Mr. Taneja is a highly experienced and knowledgeable investor and a seasoned trader, and his lectures are a great way to gain insights into the stock market.

The unique selling proposition of his course, strategies, and lectures is simplicity. Thus, highly complicated topics and the subject become much easier to understand. His approach is designed to make it easy for the students to understand and apply the concepts in their daily lives.

From a simple small-town boy to a jobber to a professional trader to a respected mentor, his professional journey has been full of ups and downs, surviving significant hiccups in the market. He started his career as a jobber, buying and selling securities on behalf of clients, and then transitioned to trading for himself and later for his clients as a sub-broker making a living by buying and selling securities. Finally, after years of hard work and dedication, he became a professional trader, respected by his peers for his knowledge and insight into the markets. Today, he mentors other traders, helping them navigate the ups and downs of the markets.

He is now an inspiration to millions of traders who follow him worldwide for his copyright Strategies named – Uni-Directional Trade Strategies & Market Analysis by Data and Event (M.A.D.E.)

Accuracy and confidence are imparted to his students, who follow him diligently. Constant upgradation learning from his mistakes, and the ability to rise again after falling set him apart.

He is respected for his simplicity and down-to-earth approach to students and colleagues. From Ring Trading to Online Trading journey taken with passion has made him a suave trader and mentor.

The Uni-Directional Trade Strategies© (UDTS©) is Mr. Manish Taneja’s brainchild; his expertise has simplified strategies in Intraday and Positional Trading. As a result, UDTS© is revolutionizing trading by making it extremely simple for stock market beginners and traders around the globe. It has now globally grabbed the eyes of traders and industry players since its launch in April 2018.

IFMC’s  Senior Analyst  Mr. Manish Taneja is having experience of more than 30 years. He and his team are committed to designing courses and trading strategies that are very simple and easy to understand.

There are various Technical Analysis tools available. Now here comes a simplistic tool developed by IFMC under the mentorship of it’s Senior Research Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja , UDTS

■ Unidirectional Trade Strategies a copyright the content of IFMC.

■ UDTS has more than 50000 subscriber base IN JUST 6 MONTHS on youtube channel of IFMC

■ UDTS gives Freedom from cumbersome analysis to the stock trader.UDTS is making STOCK TRADING SIMPLIFIED

■ UDTS increases the probability to get the trades accurately executed even for beginner.

■ UDTS is so popular worldwide and has grabbed eyeballs of Investor, trader and all those working in the industry. Since its launch on April 2018

Boon for Intraday Traders
Stock Trading is a game of probability not luck. Trader can be a winner by understanding Demand, Supply and Trend Analysis only. UDTS© is the perfect way to understand all 3 factors together with certain rules, thus helping trader to reach to a precise conclusion and gives them highest probability to win.

Summarising UDTS© – The Strategy for a common man to trade with confidence

  1. UDTS© is a unique strategy for simple and smart trading, it is a copyright programme of IFMC®.
  2. UDTS© is a boon for Stock Market traders and investors.
  3. The strategies have made stock trading very simple for the common man.
  4. No cumbersome tools of Technical Analysis are used in this strategy.
  5. UDTS© is the best mechanism for emotionless trading.
  6. UDTS© is a bunch of nine intraday trading strategies and positional trading strategies and can be used in all segments like capital, F&O, commodity, and currency markets.
  7. UDTS© is based on principles of demand and supply behaviours.
  8. UDTS© is liked globally and is catching the eyes of traders and investors for its simplicity, accuracy, and higher probability of winning in stock trading.
  9. Not only in India, strategy is famous in over 170+ countries worldwide.
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