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Uni-Directional Trade Strategies by IFMC Institute

Trade Strategies ©

This course contains market behaviors, basics of technical tools, analytics to find the trend and lastly applicability of technical tools in a live market with examples.

Uni-Directional Trade Strategies ©

People enter stock market and trade without any formal knowledge. Lack of professional guidance results in losing money. It is intimating process for stock market beginners as they are not aware of the Stock market Technical and Fundamental Aspects.

IFMC – The Best Stock Market Institute in Delhi designed an online course for stock market trading named UDTS. A common man who don’t know the complexities of stock trading or is a beginner in the stock market, they find it difficult and cumbersome to understand technical analysis tools.

UDTS is the most simple and smart trading approach to understand stock trading. It is a bunch of Trading Strategies based on Technical analysis to work confidently in the market.

-UDTS is a copyright programme of IFMC
-UDTS is a mechanism of emotionless trading
-UDTS is based on basic market behaviour of demand and supply
-UDTS is liked in over 150 countries because of its simplicity, accuracy and high probability to win stock market trading.
-No Technical Analyst world over can challenge IFMCian’s on their intraday trading calls.

UDTS comprises of 9 Stock Trading Strategies for Intraday Trading (Day Trading) and Positional Trading which can be used in all segments like Capital market, Futures, Options, Commodities and Currency markets by Basic +Advance Technical Analysis.

UDTS is created by Mr. Manish Taneja (NISM, NCFM Certified Technical Research Analyst & Investment Advisor).

Learn Stock Trading Strategies

Uni-directional Trade Strategies (UDTS) is a revolutionary trading model based on the application of basic technical analysis. The course explains Intraday and Positional Trading. UDTS strategies are applied in all segments of Capital Market, Futures, Commodity Market, Currency Market and Options Strategies.

Best Online Stock Market Course

After going through UDTS the students will gain an ability to generate your own stock market trading calls by understanding different stock trading strategies online and using the science of technical analysis to win stocks trading. UDTS encompasses conventional technical indicators and combine them in a way to receive the most powerful robust trading strategies including the information about all the topics below:

No.1 Intraday Trading Model – Highest probability to win

Explore the best intraday trading strategy to master different aspects such as intraday charts, candlestick patterns, tricks, indicators working together. Learn the technique to follow the most accurate intraday trading strategy to become a successful intraday trader. UDTS delivers a basic understanding of demand and supply to catch the right trend.

Positional Trading Strategies to Increase Profits

Positional trading strategies allow riding massive trends during the bull & bearish market that beat market volatility. Positional trading is a distinct type of stock trading method to take different positions in stocks to benefit during short term and long term dominant trend. The main feature to learn Positional trading strategy is to increase profits with minimum efforts using UDTS. Positional trading is easier than intraday trading so to start stock trading start with positional trading.

Positional trading has a big stop loss and big targets while intraday trading has smaller stop losses and smaller targets. Beginners should start with positional trading rather than intraday trading.

Single Technical Analysis Guide for Day Trading Strategies

Day trading strategy is versatile and strenuous to predict stock price. Consequently, day trading is impossible without technical analysis. To become a successful day trader, one must know only 70-80% of basic technical analysis. UDTS course breakdown technical analysis course for beginners to master day trading strategies. Upsurge probability to maximize profits, by learning the best stock market trading strategy using technical analysis in a reliable approach by taking the UDTS course.

Discover the solution to win the stock market with certified technical analyst related to learn stock trading online including advanced study of candle charts, line charts, graphs, pattern, stop loss, technical indicators & tools, trend strategies, support & resistance strategies, momentum strategies, and many more other topics. In addition to the applicability of technical tools in the live market with examples.

What Will You Get

Recorded Video :       14 videos
Total Video Time :       7 Hours approx
Language :       Hindi
Books :       No
Faculty :       Sr. Faculty Research Analyst Manish Taneja

This is Self Learning Program – No Interaction or doubt sessions will be provided

Course Fee   

Rs 3600/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course  validity

6 months

Why Should You Join UDTS Course?

  • ■ Simplifies trading strategy on candles and line charts
  • ■ Empower to make more disciplined investment decisions and manage risk.
  • ■ Excellent understanding of tools and techniques used by professional traders.
  • ■ Trade with a mechanism and check the right parameters for accurate trading.
  • ■ Promote confidence to trade in the stock market.

Lecture 1
How to become successful trader
Difference between investor and trader

Lecture 2
Professional trading is an “art”, is a” technique”

Lecture 3
Rules of professional trading

Lecture 4
Making a short-term view (bullish or bearish ) through fundamentals.

Lecture 5
Making a short term view ( bullish or bearish) through technicals.

Lecture 6
Uni-Directional trade strategies
I – Intraday trade model (candle)
ii – Long-term positional model (candle)
iii – Positional trade model candle
iv – Short-term positional model candle
v – Long-term positional model line
vi – Positional model line
vii – Short-term positional model line
viii – Intraday model line
ix – Long term wealth creation through technical

UDTS Advance

UTDS Vs Technical Analysis Part 1
UTDS Vs Technical Analysis Part 2
UTDS Vs Technical Analysis Part 3

UDTS Highlights

■ Candle Chart
■ Line Chart
■ Difference Between Investment & Trading
■ Art of Professional Trading
■ Rules of Stock Market Trading
■ Stock Market Trading View with Data & Event Analysis
■ Technical Analysis vs. UDTS
■ Concept of Stop Loss
■ Gap Up Gap Down Opening
■ Trend Analysis
■ Intraday Trade Model
■ Intraday Trading with Line Charts
■ Intraday Trading with Candle Charts
■ Short Positional on Line Charts
■ Short Positional on Candle Charts
■ Positional Trade Model
■ Positional Trading on Line Chart
■ Positional Trading on Candle Charts
■ Long Positional Trading on Line Chart
■ Long Positional Trading on Candle Charts
■ Daily Trend
■ Weekly Trend
■ Monthly Trend
■ Averaging of Traders
■ Commodity Trading
■ Currency Trading
■ Swing Trading
■ Momentum Trading
■ Long Term Wealth Creation Through Technical

Target Audience

  • ■ Individuals who want to learn how to predict the market using advanced technical analysis of stocks in financial markets.
  • ■ Intermediate investors who want to learn most accurate intraday trading techniques to trade in Stock Market.
  • ■ People who want to generate income during Intraday or day trading.
  • ■ Beginners level traders looking to understand simple tools and techniques used by professional traders in the Indian stock market.
  • ■ Suited for sole traders who want to earn consistent profits.

Course Requirements

PC, Laptop, I-pad, Tab, Mobile, with 4G internet

Disclaimer for Online Courses

“UniDirectional Trade Strategies” is a copyright content of IFMC. Videos are for educational and information purpose only. Please refer our website for course details.  We advise you to understand the strategies well and use your own discretion to use them in live markets. Paper trades initially suggestive.

Trading of Stocks is subject to Market Risk, users use their own discretion to trade in Live Market.

IFMC is not responsible for any Loss or Damages of any kind to the student/client.

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About Course

UDTS is a systematic mechanism to profit maximization and risk management. The trading strategy is named as Unidirectional Trade Strategies (UDTS) a unique trading model that focuses on the core mechanism of Intraday Trading, Positional Trading, and Long-Positional Trading.

The course is divided into three parts.

Basics : It covers basic of the stock trading, Rules of trading. Even if you are a beginner you can go ahead with this course.

Analysis : How to Analyze Market Behaviour and Trends, so that one is able to get in trend. Make view Bullish or Bearish and confirm it using various parameters, so that when one trades he has no confusion.

Applicability : Once you are aware of Technical tools and Fundamental aspect, one must know how to apply this knowledge in live market and analyse it immediately and make necessary action to Buy, Hold, and Sell in the live market. Examples shown in videos in the live market will make you 100% sure about your trade and trading style.

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