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What is Quick Trader Course?

Quick Trade online programme is the basic programme of IFMC aimed for a beginner in the Stock Market. The students will learn the basics of all four market that is Capital Market, Derivative Market, Commodity Market, Currency Market along with complete Uni-directional trade strategies (UDTS) programme. You get pre-recorded videos in a simple language which makes learning easy.

Stock Market Course For Beginners

Stock Market Course for Beginners is the most sought-after module. Anyone who wants to be a part of the share market, Stock Market must have knowledge of all 4 basic markets

  • Capital Market
  • Derivative Market
  • Commodity Market
  • Currency Market

Overview of these four markets is must in order to understand the working and interlinking of the markets. Knowledge of terms and terminologies of these markets is must before anyone enters the arena of stock market

Uni-Directional Trade Strategies ©

This is applicability based video and after going through these classroom videos you will be able to trade more accurately and restrict your losses.
This course contains market behaviors, basics of technical tools, analytics to find the trend and lastly applicability of technical tools in the live market with examples.


What Will You Get?

Recorded Video:       34 videos
Total Video Time:       13:30 Hours approx
Language:       Hindi
Books:       No
Faculty:       Mr.Manish Taneja, Mr.Vinod Garg

This is Self Learning Program – No Interaction or doubt sessions will be provided


Job Opportunities

Students can become a dealer or a terminal operator in broking houses after completing this course.

Course Fee

Rs 7200/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course validity 

9 months

Stock Market Course For Beginners

Lecture 1
■ Basic of Investment

Lecture 2
■ Common Errors while Trading
■ Long Term and Short Term Trading

Lecture 3
■ Capital Market

Lecture 4
■ Understanding IPO

Lecture 5
■ Secondary Market

Lecture 6
■ Regulatory Framework

Lecture 7
■ Online Screen Based Trading

Lecture 8
■ Basics of Trading

Lecture 9
■ Clearing and Settlement

Lecture 10
■ Debt Market

Lecture 11
■ Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 12
■ Fundamental Analysis Part 2

Lecture 13
■ Derivative Market

Lecture 14
■ Derivative Market Part 2

Lecture 15
■ Option Strategies

Lecture 16
■ Currency Markets

Lecture 17
■ Currency Futures

Lecture 18
■ Commodity Market

Lecture 19
■ Regulatory Framework of commodity

Uni-Directional Trade Strategies

Lecture 1
How to become successful trader
Difference between investor and trader

Lecture 2
Professional trading is an “art”, is a” technique”

Lecture 3
Rules of professional trading

Lecture 4
Making a short-term view (bullish or bearish ) through fundamentals.

Lecture 5
Making a short term view ( bullish or bearish) through technicals.

Lecture 6
Uni-Directional trade strategies
I – Intraday trade model (candle)
ii – Long-term positional model (candle)
iii – Positional trade model candle
iv – Short-term positional model candle
v – Long-term positional model line
vi – Positional model line
vii – Short-term positional model line
viii – Intraday model line
ix – Long term wealth creation through technical

⦿ Stock Market Beginners
⦿ Investors
⦿ Traders
⦿ Relationship Managers
⦿ Dealers
⦿ People Working with Financial industry
⦿ Technical Analyst
⦿ Fundamental Analyst

Course Requirements

PC, Laptop, I-pad, Tab, Mobile, with 4G internet

1 : Stock Market Course For Beginners

2 : Uni-Directional Trade Strategies ©

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  • Value for Money
  • Satisfaction Level of Student
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Trader Course

By IFMC® Institute
7200/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 9 Month
  • Language : - Hindi   
  • Certification : - Yes 

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