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Learn stock trading as a beginner in the share market. If you’re new to the stock market and want to learn the basics of stocks, this tutorial is for you!

We all understand that a share is a segment of company ownership. If a company issue 50 shares and you own one of them, you’re a part of 1% stake in a company. The stock market is the best place to invest your money. The million-dollar question is how to invest in the share market and make profits? Keep reading this article to learn stock trading online free, what the stock market is, how to invest, and how to buy and sell shares in India.

In this article we will answer these questions, importantly, we’ll discuss into the depth of each.

Why Learn Stock Trading?

Before you decide to invest in the share market, you need to understand the basics. You can join share trading course offered by the Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC). During the course module, you will grasp a complete understanding of the market along with the best tips to make success in the stock market.

In India, primarily there are two stock market exchanges: Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). We have learned throughout life about the importance of saving and investment for a safe and secure future. Although in order to minimize the impact of inflation and other related risks of investing in the share market, investing in the conventional financial instrument are not adequate. The share market offers a lucrative opportunity for those who are looking for something extra; by buying and selling of securities. Check out: Stock market course for professionals

How to learn Stock market trading basics?

Before entering the stock market, beginners should learn the basics of stock trading, what are stocks, and how to invest in stocks. A company share is listed on two primary stock exchanges: National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). People invest in the company’s stocks to have a better future. However, investors are required to invest their money carefully by selecting the right stocks and put correct strategies in place to make good returns.

What is stock market?

A stock market is a place where the shares of the public listed companies are traded. In other words, it is a process of buying and selling of stocks less than one single platform.  This may include securities listed in the primary market as well shares listed in on privately traded sector. A stock market can also be referred to as an equity market or share market. Currently, every stock trading is conducting through a computer terminal at the office of a broker or via the internet.

What are stocks?

A stock is a popular financial instrument in the world. It is owned in the company representing to claim company earning or asset. In fact, stock or share of flexibility, choice, as well as different levels of risk.

The beginners must understand to learn stock trading basics. That is the key difference between the primary market and the secondary market.

Difference between the primary market and secondary market

A company chooses to list their stocks in the primary or secondary market, it comes out as a primary market which is also known as Initial Public Offering (IPO). While on the other hand, when an investor is able to buy and sell the company’s shares after they are listed in IPO, it is called a secondary market.

How to invest in stock market?

  1. Find your investment IQ: Firstly, you need to understand the concept of stock trading and how it works. Besides, if you’re immediate, brushing up your skills won’t harm. Learn stock trading India from a professional stock market institute like IFMC.
  2. Take a beginner investor course: Secondly,  take a professional course from a reputed institute. IFMC Institute is a top-rated institute for excellence in financial market education. A course features tons of features, tools, techniques, and stock marketing strategies.
  3. Pick up a solid stock: Learning stock trading includes a live trading session. By studying solid stock research, you can learn how to pick the best stock.
  4. Open a brokerage account: Find a good online stock broker to open an account. Become acquainted with the layout to benefit from free tools.
  5. Learn how to invest in stocks: Once you learn what is stock? the next step is to learn how to invest in stocks. Books offer a wealth of knowledge and are an inexpensive mode of education. You can also subscribe to IFMC Institute YouTube Channel to learn stock trading online for free. The stock market article and blogs are also a great way to gain knowledge.
  6. Find your trading style: Once you learn the basics of stock trading, it’s time to develop own trading style. A stock trading course focuses on building an investing plan. Wherefore, successful trades commit to using their investment plan for all trades.

By now you have learned how to invest in stocks. Let’s discuss other important concepts to stock trading.

How price of a share determined in the market?

Generally, in a market scenario, the price of a share goes up when a company is earning high profits. During such an event, investor shows their interest to purchase the shares resulting in high demand so does the price. The price of a share is directly related to its demand. Hence, the demand is the prime factor for determining the price of a share. Similarly, there are several factors which affect the price of a share. You can learn from the experts at a professional stock trading course for beginners at IFMC.

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What are share indices?

You may have heard hundreds of times people saying that the market is going up and market in falling. If you read the stock table, you’ll realize that not all stocks rise or fall. There can be few stocks those moved in a different direction. When the stocks are listed for exchange, few stocks are grouped to form an index on a different basis. The stock indices are required for sorting out shares, representation, comparison, passive investment, and reflection of investor sentiment.

Learn Stock Trading India

Before starting to invest in the Indian stock market it is important to learn what are stocks, how to trade stocks, and more. Most of the trading in Indian stock market takes place on its two stock exchanges. Mainly, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The best way to learn stock trading India pdf is not a solution. They won’t help you. You need to join a professional online course to learn stock trading in India.

Final Words

IFMC makes the process to learn Stock Trading simplified with unique Unidirectional Trade Strategy Course. The course is available on both online and offline platform. Indeed, the course is designed for investors, traders, and fresher’s those aspire to learn the best intraday trading strategies and other share trading strategies.

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Do you know now you can learn stock trading online free? Learn share trading online free India on IFMC Institute YouTube Channel. Enjoy fun practical classes to learn stock market online free.

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