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The largest-selling short-term online stock market courses in India for beginners to learn the stock market game, share trading tactics, and share market psychology with a simplistic approach.

That will help you master how to trade stocks like a professional.

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Mr. Manish Taneja Sir
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Over 20k participants across India (Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Gujarat Bangalore. Noida, Gurugram, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Indore, Lucknow, Dubai, USA, Europe, China)

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AboutIFMC Institute

IFMC Educational Institutions Pvt Ltd is a ISO certified company with a high benchmark of quality in stock market education .IFMC is an acclaimed stock market e-learning portal. More than 20,000 students from 150+ countries benefit from IFMC online stock market courses since 2018. We are recognised as No.1 stock market institute among the top 3 platforms to offer the best stock market courses beginners training available in India. IFMC have developed copyright trading strategies. In fact, international students can learn about the stock market online through short-term programs. Our quality-focused share market online trading course is designed to help day traders or positional traders learn intraday trading. Our online stock trading course is led by industry leaders.

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UDTS© trading strategies is the highest selling online technical analysis course all over the world.



Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Stock market refers to a place where investors and traders buy and sell financial assets. However, these shares of public listed companies. The regulation of shares is maintained by OTC market or stock exchange like India stock exchange. For example NSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, JPX, SSX, BSE, MCX etc. Financial assets include currency, Forex, commodity, equities, crude oil, gold etc.

Stock market trading is an effective approach to make extra income. Perhaps, savings in money in mutual funds, savings accounts, ELSS etc does not give higher interest. Thus, here comes learn stock trading where anyone can learn to make money in the stock market. Trading requires discipline. With IFMC online share trading courses every trader can learn to trade stocks.Typically, there are three types of traders – day, swing, and positional. IFMC teaches a unique style of trading with a simplistic approach. As you decide to trade, IFMC best online stock trading course – UDTS can help you learn the skills like options trading, candlestick trading, portfolio optimization, risk management etc.

There are several facts to support the claim. This include: 

  • The stock market course online curriculum is designed by Senior Research Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja. He is the co-founder of IFMC stock market institute in India. He brings over 22 years of stock market education experience. Nevertheless, trained more than 50k students in the span of time.
  • The stock market online course structures refine feedback from stock market trainers 
  • Free access to premium stock market software worth more than Rs. 70,000
  • Students enjoy an online certificate course in the stock market to get a placement or internship at a reputed financial institution. For example HDFC, ICICI, Kotak Securities, SBI

IFMC offer short term online share market training and technical analysis courses for beginners. Each online program covers important topics of the stock market within 10 to 30 hours. Therefore, students can master the stock market in less than 24 hours. IFMC copyright intraday trading for beginners courses – Uni-directional trade Stratgies course is popular in 150+ countries worlwide.

Online share trading course is for anyone who wishes to master trading skills. Students can pick courses as per specialisation. Thus, investors as well as traders to share marketing. Everyone can learn share market trading and use them for personal use. Few basics things you will learn will be: 

  • How to open a DEMAT account?
  • How to invest in stocks? 
  • How to make money from stocks? 
  • How to do stock market analysis? 
  • What are trends, moving averages, Fibonacci Series etc? 
  • How to use important technical analysis tools?
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