UDTS© Screener is Exclusively for UDTS© Subscribers Only.
Please Enroll in UDTS© Course to understand the screener perfectly.

UDTS© Screener

Try World No.1 Stock
Research Tool

Only technical analysis tool you need. Explore winning stocks, the world is searching for! Save your time and get hundreds of company free stock price movements data based on trend analysis.

UDTS Screener

Track trade prices of over 100+ stocks from market

UDTS Screener

View credit ratings daily, weekly, monthly trends

UDTS Screener

Get free insight into top trending stocks in market

UDTS Screener

Build your most effective stock market strategy

Gateway To Stock Market Accuracy With Screener
Monitor Trend Results

UDTS© Screener empowers investors and traders to monitor trend and analyse them quickly. World’s leading investors choose us. Enter, click and visualize top stock market data to compare competitive trends and estimate rewarding bullish and bearish with a few clicks.
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UDTS Screener

#1 Free Stock Screener

With so many company’s in market it is challenging to find and select good stocks. UDTS© Screener is best stock screener to help you find which stocks is the awesome addition to your portfolio.
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terms and conditions

Uni-directional Trade strategies© is a copyright and trademark of IFMC® Delhi.

Uni-Directional Trade Strategies© Screener is designed to quickly scan the stocks on EOD basis. For all parameters of UDTS© to comply, pls check the real-time data.

This screener is a helping tool for students of IFMC, who have opted for UDTS© or combo courses.

UDTS© screener is designed for educational purpose only and out of 6 parameters of UDTS , the screener  is suggesting 1st 3 parameters of UDTS©.

UDTS© screener does not suggest any buy or sell in stocks, advisory to any of client /HNI /corporate or to whosoever/ whomsoever it may concern, trading or investing in stock market


For complete knowledge please go through our online programme for intraday and positional trading-Unidirectional Trade Strategies- UDTS©.

IFMC does not hold any responsibility of any loses to whomsoever / whosoever trading in the market based on point of view of this tool. No stock trading is recommended by IFMC®.

Stock market is subject to market risks*.