Your Best Friend To Teach You The Right Trend

UDTS©-IS is the best Stock Screener based on the world’s best share trading strategy UDTS©. It is the best day trading system that allows traders to find:

  • Bullish stocks with highest probability to rise, and
  • Bearish stocks with highest probability to fall.

It is said that, “Trend is Trader’s Friend” and UDTS©-IS always keeps you in latest and right trend. Trend and Timing of a stock are the most important aspects of stock trading. It is seen that good stock does not gives good profits if bought at wrong time. On the contrary, even bad stock pays quick and good returns if bought at the right timing.

UDTS INTRADAY Stock Screener is meant for learning and understanding of Trend ONLY.
Stock trading based on screener is strictly prohibited. 🚫

Knowledge of UDTS course content is imperative to thoroughly understad UDTS-IS

How to Find the right stock at the right time with UDTS©-IS

What Is UDTS© -IS

IFMC launches UDTS Intraday Screener
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Common questions that arise in mind
So what is the reason for all these problems and questions?

The Answer is –

Trading in wrong trend with wrong timing

Learn to Remain in trend with your friend UDTS-IS

Why UDTS-IS is the best ?

Filter Trending Stocks

Filter stocks based on bullish & bearish trends in all intervals based on intraday trading indicator.

Customise Watchlist

Create your own watchlist by adding your favorite stocks and monitor them regular basis.

450+ NSE Stocks

Scans almost 450+ NSE stocks in Intraday, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly timeframes.

UDTS© Intraday Screener (UDTS-IS)

UDTS-IS helps in selection of stocks for day trading at a quick glance.

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About UDTS© Intraday Screener (UDTS© -IS)

UDTS<sup>©</sup> - Intraday Screener

In March 2018, IFMC launched Uni-Directional Trade Strategies (UDTS©), a bunch of 9 strategies to trade in Intraday and Positional. UDTS© raised the benchmark for people who want to earn from intraday trading technique. UDTS© empowers the common man to trade with simplicity and confidence in the stock market. An innovation of IFMC and brainchild of our Sr. Research Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja, UDTS© became globally popular in a short span and crossed +9 Million viewership and become popular in +171 countries.

IFMC believes in constant up-gradation and UDTS© stock trading software is yet another jewel in the crown of IFMC.

Now on popular demand of students and viewers all over the world. IFMC has launched an automated version of UDTS©. Now finding stocks for intraday trading becomes easier with UDTS© Intraday Screener. UDTS©-IS is an automated version of UDTS strategy based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

This screener helps investors and traders to select bullish & bearish stocks quickly on UDTS parameters. UDTS is based on 6 parameters (refer to UDTS© course also learn whats make UDTS so unique ) by IFMC. This is the best share trading screener where you can discover almost 500 stocks of NSE and shows the applied resultant if UDTS parameter on those stocks. Thus it gives the best intraday trading idea with the highest probability to win in share trading in stock market. Also learn about the Share Trading Simplified, approach, system, and strategies in our blog section.

UDTS© Intraday  Stock Screener is developed by a team of IFMC stock market IT engineers. Unlike other intraday trading softwares in market UDTS-IS not only shows stocks with high demad or high supply but also provides perfect reasoning to the learners. This screener is tested in UDTS labs under the guidance of Mr. Manish Taneja (Sr. Research Analyst at IFMC) before making is available for you.

Who Can Benefit From UDTS©-IS

UDTS<sup>©</sup> - Intraday Screener
1. Intraday Traders

With the help of UDTS©-IS, An intraday trader LEARNS how to filter /select the stocks with the highest intensity to rise or fall along with support & resistances (biggest trend of the day).

2. Short positional traders (2- 3 Days)

With the help of UDTS©-IS, A short positional trader LEARNS how to techniques to stock selection from intraday trading the highest intensity to rise or fall along with Support & Resistances (Daily support and resistance).

3. Positional Traders ( 7- 15 Day)

With the help of UDTS©-IS, a positional trader LEARNS how to filter /select the stocks with the highest intensity to rise or fall along with support & resistances (Weekly support and resistance).

4. Long Positional traders (20-40 Days)

With the help of UDTS©-IS, a long positional trader LEARNS how to filter /select the stocks with the highest intensity to rise or fall along with support & resistances (Monthly support and resistance).

Why UDTS - IS Screener is Becoming Popular Over the Automated Intraday Trading Software’s?

People trade in the stock market to make money with any knowledge. Mostly, beginners find an easy way out to find profitable shares. They are happy if they get automated solution to find buy sell signals to trade in the market, so that they can make easy money to make profits from stock market.

There are numerous live trade software for intraday trading that generates automated buy and sell signals.  These tools claim to be give 100% accurate automatic buy and sell signals in NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX etc Indian Stock Exchange but truth is that no such software is developed till now which can give 100% accuracy .

These software’s are just like video games played with actual money .The person requires no prior trading knowledge or computer expertise.  For people who buy this automated trading software become completely dependent on the tool. This is a vulnerable position to be. These software are based on random a inbuilt strategy which is never revealed to the trader/client.
And the trader is always dependent on it because he does not understand the basics of why the software is giving buy or sell signals. 

There can’t be 100% accuracy in stock trading but yes with a proper strategy one can raise the probability to win in stock trading and intraday trading.

UDTS intraday screener is designed for traders keeping in mind educating intraday beginners and simplicity to use.  It is a learning tool with an edge to get best stocks with highest probability to rise or fall. IFMC UDTS screener based on 6 parameters of important technical analysis tools. These parameters explain why stocks are in demand and supply. UDTS intraday screener is a support tool used by traders in more than +171 countries worldwide. This intraday training software tool is the right guide work as a mentor which determines the reasons for which stock has maximum probability to rise or fall.

UDTS<sup>©</sup> - Intraday Screener
USP’s of UDTS©-Intraday Screener
  • UDTS© Intraday Screener filter 480 stocks of NSE based on 6 exclusive parameters of UDTS.
  • This automated version of UDTS© parameters helps students filter the trending bullish & bearish stocks for traders seek for the right intraday trading tips.
  • UDTS© Intraday Screener saves time of students to check stocks manually on UDTS parameter in volatile markets.
  • It automatically updates after every 15 minutes and provides insight into trends of stocks good for day trading.
  • UDTS© Intraday Screener also provides a student to make their watchlist as it allows them to monitor favorite intraday stock list.
  • UDTS Intraday Screener (UDTS©-IS) is a ready reckoner for the stock market beginners, traders and investors to get the trending stocks at a glance using the best stock analysis software.
  • Now you don’t need any Buy -Sell signal software or Tips and calls for intraday trading .Now you can learn to make your own intraday trading calls and tips. 
  • It is the best alternative tool for intraday trading tips as it helps you to pick the right stocks and the right time to enter or exit the market..

Difference between UDTS© Screener and UDTS© Intraday Screener

Plan & Validity

Get Started With 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months plan.

1 Month


UDTS© - Intraday Screener

Screens 480+ stocks
Filter trending stocks
Quick stocks selection
Ready reckoner for traders

3 Months


UDTS© - Intraday Screener

Screens 480+ stocks
Filter trending stocks
Quick stocks selection
Ready reckoner for traders

6 Months


UDTS© - Intraday Screener

Screens 480+ stocks
Filter trending stocks
Quick stocks selection
Ready reckoner for traders

12 Months


UDTS© - Intraday Screener

Screens 480+ stocks
Filter trending stocks
Quick stocks selection
Ready reckoner for traders
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UDTS© - Intraday Screener
terms and conditions

  • I have Completed UDTS© course with IFMC Institute.
  • UDTS© is a copyright strategy and trademark of IFMC.
  • UDTS©-IS is exclusively for UDTS online course students.
  • The intraday screener is only for educational and reference purposes only.
  • IFMC do not recommend any kind of trading in the stock market based on UDTS©-IS.
  • Results of UDTS© Intraday Screener are to be checked manually.
  • IFMC or developers of the UDTS©-IS Screener do not take responsibility in case of any losses made in the stock market.
  • Stock market is subject to market risk. Do not invest/ trade with money that you are not ready to lose.
  • Price data sourced from Kite API, price updates are not accurate to CMP unless indicated.
  • Please be aware of the risk in stock trading and seek independent advice from your financial advisor.
  • No stock trading suggested
  • IFMC does not suggest any buy or sell in stocks, advisory to any client / HNI / corporate or whoever/ whomever it may concern investing or trading in the stock market based on UDTS©– Intraday Screener .
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