Share Trading, Stock Trading, Nifty, Sensex fascinate people over all walks of life because of its high Return on Investment (ROI). People come to share market inadequately prepared and view it as a quick profit-making mechanism.

People entering the stock market must have a clear understanding of the subject and a clear view of the market. They must understand the do’s and don’ts of the market. Trading without adequate knowledge and/or on the advice of friends, peers or RM’s do not get profit or more appropriately the returns.

The market never gives anyone a loss but it is a person who bears the loss because of inadequate knowledge, lack of view and without proper homework or analysis. IFMC – Institute of Financial Market Courses a Delhi based Education Institute specializing in Financial and stock market studies has made;

  • Simplistic approach
  • Designed a system
  • Series of strategies

to increase the probability to trade accurately in the share market.

IFMC – Institute of Financial Market Courses has been awarded “ Excellence in Financial Market Courses” at Delhi City Icon Awards 2018 this August. The awards were organized by Radio City in Delhi. The ceremony was held at Pride Plaza Aerocity, Delhi.

IFMC’s career-oriented programmes are very popular but more than that its programmes of investors and trader series are even more popular. UDTS – Unidirectional Trade Strategies is one of its kind programme specially designed for Beginners in the stock market and for all those who have been trading in the stock market for long but are not able to trade accurately in the market.

“Unidirectional Trade Strategies” popularly known as UDTS is an application-based product of IFMC. UDTS is a copy write the content of IFMC. UDTS is a bunch of strategies for Intraday and Positional trade.

UDTS is a ready reckoner for all those who are the beginner and/or who are trading in share market for a long time in the Intraday or Positional segment but want to increase their probability to make their trade more accurate and successful.

UDTS increases the probability to get the trades accurately executed even for the beginner. UDTS is so popular worldwide and has grabbed eyeballs of Investors, traders and all those working in the industry. Since its launch on April 2018.

UDTS is known for its simplicity, applicability and accuracy. Everyone can see charts, everyone can study Technical Analysis but the most important thing is to apply these in the market. So that the probability to get the trade executed accurately increase.

IFMC has made understanding of share market easy and simple.

USP of UDTS is –

  • Simplicity
  • Usability
  • Applicability

Unidirectional Trade Strategies – UDTS

“Har Stock Trader ki Pehli pasand”

IFMC is a pioneer in making people understand “How to trade” and not just imparting bookish knowledge. UDTS has is acceptability across all age groups, all genders,  all categories of  Investor and Traders. Students, housewives, professionals are also among the satisfied category.

UDTS gives Freedom from cumbersome analysis to the stock trader. UDTS is making STOCK TRADING SIMPLIFIED

IFMC’s  Senior Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja is having experience of more than 20 years. He and his team are committed to bringing courses and products which are very simple and easy to understand and apply in the market.

UDTS is a brainchild of Mr. Manish Taneja who has put in a lot of efforts and experience in making simplified strategies in Intraday and Positional tradesThe strategies have revolutionized trading and have made trading extremely simple for Beginners, Investors and Traders around the globe.

These are various Technical Analysis tools available. Some of the popular theories or tools are developed by various research analysts around the world like Aroon developed by Tushar Chady, Bollinger band by John Bollinger, MACD by Gerald apple and many more.

Now here comes a simple tool developed by IFMC under the mentorship of its Senior Research Analyst Mr. Manish Taneja, UDTS – Unidirectional Trade Strategies a copy write content of IFMC.

IFMC Institute has its own Youtube Channel which has informative series of videos and subscriber base of 51,000 in just 6 month and increasing day by day.

UDTS is a must for every trader.

“Har trader ki pehli pasand” – UDTS


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