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IFMC® an authorized assessment partner of BSE Checkmyskills (BSE Institute Limited), offering a broad spectrum of BSE Certification courses to enhance your professional standing. These industry-recognized certificates provide a competitive edge, catering to all, from recent high school graduates seeking BSE courses after 12, to experienced professionals looking for advanced BSE Courses. At IFMC® Institute our goal is to arm you with the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in today’s competitive job market.

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IFMC® is the Authorized Assessment Partner of BSE Checkmyskills (BSE Institute Limited)

In the highly competitive job landscape, having a unique edge can make all the difference. IFMC® offers this edge through globally recognized certifications in affiliation with BSE Checkmyskills. These certifications are aimed at validating and boosting financial sector skills for a broad spectrum of individuals, from students contemplating BSE courses after 12th grade to seasoned professionals.

These certifications are valuable during recruitment, providing tangible proof of hard-to-demonstrate capabilities. Acquiring certification from IFMC® not only highlights proficiency but also indicates readiness for skill enhancement.

Overview of BSE Certification Courses

With the BSE Checkmyskills, IFMC® facilitates certifications that boost your credibility in areas such as stock markets, derivatives, technical analysis, fund management, investing, and data analytics. We help to enhance your attractiveness to potential employers. Essentially, IFMC® provides a strategic route for upskilling through BSE Certification Courses, thereby accelerating both employability and professional credibility for our students.

Features of BSE Certification Courses

5 Reasons Why Students Should Opt for BSE CheckMySkills Certification

Globally Recognized Certificates: These Certifications, acknowledged worldwide by financial institutions, endorse your financial knowledge and skills, showcasing your ability to manage intricate financial tasks and decisions.

Edge in the Competitive Market: Possessing a BSE Certification with IFMC distinguishes you in the intensely competitive finance sector. It signals to prospective employers your profound understanding of financial markets, providing you an upper hand over other aspirants.

Boost in Professional Reputation: The BSE Certification Courses elevate your professional standing, reflecting your commitment and skill in finance, thereby unlocking opportunities within your current organization or carving new career paths.

Improved Job Prospects: These certifications enhance your employability in the swiftly evolving financial landscape. They indicate to employers your dedication to staying abreast of industry trends and modifications, making you a treasured resource in any organization.

Objectives of BSE Certification Courses

We have fulfilled our promise to our students, equipping them with globally recognized certificates and comprehensive financial acumen. Our commitment is to ensure that IFMC® students and graduates are well-recognized and sought after in the competitive finance sector, propelling them towards promising career paths.

IFMC® has achieved a significant milestone as an authorized assessment partner of BSE Checkmyskills, now offering various BSE courses. This proud accomplishment aligns perfectly with our objective of providing our students the best certifications and knowledge, thereby enhancing their professional credibility and employability.

Empowering Students with BSE Certification Courses at IFMC

In today’s competitive job market, IFMC® stands out as a leading institute providing comprehensive BSE Courses to equip aspiring professionals with essential skills. Their offerings include the Certified Financial Market Associate, Certified Technical Analysis Associate, and Certified Mutual Fund Associate courses.

These programs, alongside pre-employment assessments, aid in identifying and nurturing talent, and preparing students for their future careers.

IFMC’s BSE courses and certifications are designed for varied levels of learners, from recent graduates to professionals. They play a significant role in bolstering a candidate’s capabilities, making them more competitive in the job landscape. The significance of such courses is set to grow further, underscoring their importance in a student’s career trajectory.

The Crucial Role of BSE Skill Certification

In today’s challenging and competitive job market, it is imperative for individuals, particularly the youth, to distinguish themselves. One effective way to do this is through skill certification. Evidently, knowledge and skills are two pivotal factors for securing a job. While an interview can gauge an individual’s knowledge, it’s trickier to assess their skills. This is where the role of skill certification becomes crucial. It offers a reliable method for measuring an individual’s skills, thus playing a vital role in the recruitment process.

The Significance of BSE Certification and IFMC’s Contribution in the Financial Market

Certifications are not just pieces of paper; they are gateways to lucrative employment opportunities. They equip learners with workforce-ready skills, making them desirable candidates in the eyes of employers.

Furthermore, earning a certification is indicative of an individual’s commitment to their career, as it involves investing time and money to enhance their abilities and acquire necessary knowledge.

IFMC®‘s recent authorization as an assessment partner of BSE Checkmyskills marks a noteworthy achievement in this regard. This empowers us to offer globally recognized BSE Certifications, further bolstering our students’ professional credibility and employability in the finance sector. 

What Sets IFMC® Institute Apart from Other Educational Institution in India?

IFMC® stands out from other institutes by offering a dual certification advantage. While most institutions provide standard certifications, IFMC®, as an authorized assessment partner with BSE Checkmyskills, offers both IFMC® and globally recognized BSE Certifications.

This unique combination not only enhances your resume but also underscores your commitment to career growth. By investing time and resources in these certifications, you demonstrate your readiness for the workforce and increase your appeal to potential employers.

5 Reasons Why Students Should Opt for BSE CheckMySkills Certification?


  • Gaining a Competitive Edge: The students can advance their careers and increase their chances of landing their dream job. This globally recognized qualification gives them a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving job market.
  • Global Industry Recognition: Providing the opportunity to earn certifications across a wide range of industries worldwide. Backed by BSE Chechmyskills, it enhances the student’s professional profile and opens doors to myriad career opportunities.
  • Enhancing Professional Credibility:  The CheckMySkills test is an excellent way for students to demonstrate their expertise. It allows them to benchmark their skills against others in the workforce, thereby boosting their professional credibility.
  • Broad Spectrum of Skill Assessment:  Students have the option to choose from the skill tests across various domains. This expansive selection allows them to align their certification with their career goals and interests.
  • Expert-Driven Assessment:  IFMC® offers custom skills assessments, created by global subject matter experts. These assessments are tailored to the unique requirements of each student, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of their skills within a few hours.

Pay Full or Partial Course Fees for BSE Certification courses

Students at IFMC® have the opportunity to be assessed for these exams of BSE Certification

BSE Certification Courses
  • Certified Banking Operations-Accounting and Finance Associate.
  • Financial Aptitude Test
  • Certified Mutual Fund Associate
  • Certified Technical Analysis Associate
  • Certified Portfolio Specialist
  • Certified Fintech Professional
  • Certified Financial Market Associate
  • Certified Commodity Market Associate
  • Certified Currency Trading, Derivatives Associate
  • Certified Mergers and Acquisition Associate
  • Certified Portfolio Management Associate
  • Certified Option Trading Associate
  • Certified Fundamental Analysis Associate
  • Certified Index Investment Analyst

Job Opportunities After BSE Certification Courses

IFMC® helps match the right candidates with suitable jobs. The industry-recognized certification with IFMC not only enhances students’ skills but also boosts their employability, making IFMC’s BSE Certification Courses a valuable addition to any resume.

BSE Certification Courses Exam Fee

Rs 800/-

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