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7 Reasons the NISM Certification Exam is Beneficial

NISM Certification Exam importance

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is an important certification programme offered by the National Institute of Securities NISM exams have become pretty much popular these days. The primary reason behind the popularity of these competitive exams is their establishment by SEBI.

The NISM certification signifies that the student has required education, training, and skills required to do a job in the financial market. NISM works closely with major regulators of the financial sector in the vicinity of stock market education. 

What is the NISM Certification Exam?

NISM (National Institute of Securities Markets) is a public trust established by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulatory body of securities markets in India. SEBI is the regulator of the Indian Stock Market.

NISM is engaged in the promotion of standards for best practices in the financial industry. It is an educational, training and research institute focussed on capacity building in securities markets.

Different series of NISM Exams 

The NISM exams are based on different series. For each specialization, there is a different series like, if you want to get specialization as mutual fund distributors, then you have to qualify NISM series VA exam. The most benefit of getting certified with NISM series VA certification is, you will commence your personal business of Mutual Fund Distribution after getting registered with AMFI.  

Here is a list of most popular NISM certification exams in India: 

1. Series I: Currency Derivatives Certification Examination

2. Series-VIII: Equity Derivatives Certification Examination

3. Series V A: Mutual Fund Distributors Certification Examination

4.  Series-X-A: Investment Adviser (Level 1) Certification Examination 

5.  Series-X-B: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination

The Objective of the NISM Certification Exam

The aim of the NISM certification exam is to increase the standard of professionals looking for employment in the different departments in financial services. The aim of the NISM certification exam is to ensure that the professionals working in the stock market meet up with the minimum benchmark of common knowledge for various market functions like equity market, derivatives market, investment, operations, compliance, mutual funds, research, and advisory. 

In this article, we have covered the primary reasons why you should attend NISM certification. 

7 Reasons NISM Certification Exam is Beneficial

Here are some reasons you must consider attending the NISM certification exam when planning a career in the financial market: 

  1. Detailed Knowledge About Securities Market

The securities market comprises broad topics. Each topic requires a clear understanding and demands better clarity. The IFMC NISM certification course introduces you to important topics of the securities market. This is because gaining knowledge of the market helps to make informed decisions with available resources. 

  1. Attractive Compensation

The NISM certification not only brings knowledge about the market but also offers lucrative opportunities. There are companies who provide professional opportunities with higher-paying salaries for candidates with NISM certification. The certification gives kick-start for a career in the stock market and financial sector. 

  1. Clear Understanding of Risk 

The IFMC Institute NISM Certification Course focuses more on practical knowledge. The practical understanding of the financial market tools and techniques helps to make informed decisions, thereby managing risk in a professional way. Without a thorough understanding of risk, it is difficult to prepare a mitigation plan. The financial market is highly volatile and making the right decision at the right time is proven to be profitable. 

  1. Increases Employment Opportunities 

The NISM certification courses empowers students with relevant skills. The certification is always in demand. The companies are always looking for NISM certified professionals. You have great hiring opportunities, and you can also venture into your own business.

  1. Reputed Job Status

With a NISM Certificate in hand, your value as a professional increase and the job is one of the respectable positions. With NISM certification, you can differentiate yourself from a normal broker who works on instincts.If you are seeking a beneficial career in commerce and finance, then an NISM certification is highly recommended. It will add a niche to your skills, generating further benefits.

  1. Boost Career in the Stock Market

The NISM certification preparatory course by IFMC Institute helps to kick start a career in the financial market. There are multiple advantages of clearing the NISM certification exam. The certificate carries great value, and the certificate holders can play an important role in the stock market. Also, a person can only trade in mutual funds if he or she owns the NISM certificate. 

  1. You Can Earn Lucrative Earning

Working in the stock market is considered the best paying job around the world. It is the sector where anyone can earn the most money. Besides those not working in the stock market can also trade as a bonus stream of income to help you through tough economic times. Just after the NISM certification, you can start earning as fast as possible. 

How to Prepare for NISM Certification Exam

After choosing the desired NISM series the next step is how to prepare for NISM exams. These exams require devout efforts by the candidates and appropriate guidance from the experts so that all the knacks to crack these exams can be learned. As NISM exams are not like any other ordinary exam so these exams do require some extra efforts by the candidates.

For the ease of students,  IFMC Institute has started providing training to the candidates for NISM exams. These institutes provide the right study material to the students for exam preparation. Whether you want NISM equity derivatives study material or for any other NISM series, these institutes can facilitate you with everything that you need to prepare for your NISM exam. 

IFMC Institute NISM Certification Preparatory Course

IFMC is the best and biggest stock market institute. We are a certified institute to help students preparing for the NISM certification exam. The Securities Board Exchange of India (SEBI) mandated NISM certification as a minimum benchmark to obtain a job in the financial market. 

For young students who want to make a career in the financial market must attend the NISM certification course from IFMC Institute. It is a self-paced programmer anyone can attend from the comfort of their home. Even working professionals can take this course to upgrade their knowledge and add additional certification to their career.  NISM certificate provides entry into the field of Stock Market and Finance like Brokerage firms, research firms, Financial Services & Mutual Funds Distribution.

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