6 Powerful Stock Market Strategies For Profitable Trading in 2019

6 Powerful Stock Market Strategies For Profitable Trading in 2019

Best stock trading strategy guide will help investors to uncover opportunities in the markets. By applying professional stock market strategies, an average investor can benefit to profitable trades.

Why do you need a Stock Market Strategy?

The stock market is constantly changing its behaviour so your strategies should evolve constantly. Your strategies should define the use of the best market trend and situation. You need to utilise a proper trading strategy to earn profits. Now, let’s dive into the winning trading strategies for all time:

List of Profitable Stock Trading Strategies

It seems like a simple question, but the answer can get more complicated as you begin. Earning profit from stock tradingis a prime goal of every trader or investor. If you are a passionate trader you should have prepared several trading strategies for different market situations. Here is a list of 6 Best Stock Trading Strategies:

# 1 Growth Investing

Growth Investing is a style of investment gaining attention to many investors. It focuses on the growth of an investors capital. Thereby, applied when companies continue to grow their profits. Companies reinvest profits back instead of using cash flow to improve operations as well as to entice investors with a dividend. Typically, in exchange for forming dividend, investors expect that share price and profits will increase. Therefore, growth investing is most successful when investors determine that profits can be easily supported by driving efficient sales.

# 2 Income Investing

Income investing is an act of picking up a good stock by putting together a collection of an asset. For instance, stocks, mutual bonds, real estate, and bonds that generate the maximum annual income at the lowest risk possible. However, most of the income is paid to investors for everyday use. Especially, during an uncertain economic market situation.

# 3 Short Selling

Short selling is also referred to as shorting or going short. It means the sale of securities that a seller has borrowed to make a short sale. This type of trading strategy produces profits in a declining stock market. The method includes borrowing equity shares from a broker, selling them, and then selling then stock to return. Although the approach can be challenging for an average trader.

# 4 Value Investing

Value investing is an investing strategy where stocks are identified which appear to trade for less than their intrinsic value. Unlike, other investment strategies, value investing is simple. Investors buy shares and hold until the market price rise. Thus, this strategy is successful when the stock market is volatility is low.

# 5 Momentum Investing

Momentum investing is an approach to buy securities that offer high returns over the past 2 to 12 months, and selling that has poor returns over the same time.  It involves long-going stocks and future ETF showing upward trending prices. Additionally, it includes disproportionately trading in stocks with high bid asl spreads, thus, important to evaluate momentum profitability when taking transactional cost into account.

# 6 Quality Investing

Quality investing is an investment strategy based on clearly defined fundamental criteria that help to determine companies with outstanding quality characteristics. In simple words, it is a quantitative investment approach that focuses on buying a high-quality company. The quality assessment is made both soft and hard criteria. Thus, a quality investing strategy is the best in the class approach.

How do you make profits through trading strategy? Share your story with us!


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