Stock Market Weekly Preview: 16-Sep to 22-Sep 2019

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About the stock market weekly series

The special series by Senior Research Analyst – Mr. Manish Taneja has helped thousands of aspiring investors and traders to prepare for the stock market for the upcoming week. 

The series started back on 31 March 2019 at IFMC Institute Official Youtube Channel, every Sunday. Backed by IFMC team of expert research and technical analyst to interpret the market, thereby, increase the probability to win trades. 

Why attend the Stock Market Weekly Series?

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  1. How to trade in the market? 
  2. How to buy trades in the market?
  3. Practically application of trading strategies
  4. What are the levels of the market using technical analysis?
  5. How to analyse market data using fundamental analysis technique?
  6. How to interpret news to analyse market trend? 
  7. How to find profitable trades in the market? 

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Coming back to our main topic, let’s begin our preparation for stock market for next week – 16 Sep to 22 Sep 2019. 

Weekly Stock Market Preview

In our last post for a stock market preview for 9 to 15 September, we discussed how the domestic share market experienced a sentimental U-turn. Last week, both global and domestic market started to stabilize from easing of US-China trade war, the global slowdown, and good news coming around all corner.

NIFTY50 closed on 13 Friday 2019 at a Support Level of Rs. 11076. Which gained 1.18 percent – 140 points higher. It bounces backed short-term as expected. 

Nifty50 Level For 13 September

Crude closed at 3915 which was 157 points down. Long-term investors were advised to maintain a long-term bear position till Nifty sustains above 11061. While short-term traders suggested short term bullish movement and pullback was expected at 10878 levels. Nifty50 rise almost 140 points and touched our resistance level of 11061 giving handsome returns to all. Offering a low-risk buying and higher profits in selling the stocks.

Now, let’s overview the market levels from last week. 

Last week, the market got a good pullback that was expected by our research team. Very first-day Nifty almost touched our support of 10878 Monday and on Friday it closed around our given resistance of 11061 giving a handsome return of almost 140 points to short term traders.

Now, read how the market data and event from last week, will impact the domestic and international stock market levels. 

Domestic Positive Market Factors

Last week, the market expected good news to take a revival turn. Some growth gestures were seen which sparked hope for the rivals of the market growth. 

  1. Index of Industrial Production (IIP) growth rises to 4.3% in July 2019
  2. Retail inflation grew to 3.2% in August from 3.15% in July
  3. Indian Rupee appreciated against Dollar
  4. Indian monsoon showed larger impact of stock market
  5. GST rates in automobile expected to be cut to 18% from 28%
  6. 1.2% fall in crude oil

Global Positive Market Factors

  1. China monetary and rate cut stimulus plan-helps in easing
  2. Trump delays tariff hike against US-China trade
  3. China ease trade tensions
  4. ECB cut rates and given aggressive stimulus 
  5. Global markets are positive on optimism on trade war

Negative Domestic and Global Market Factors

Last week, no major negative news or data was released in both domestic and global markets. This clearly indicates the market is profitable to trade. According, to the M.A.D.E, if the market offers positive news then the market trend will also remain positive. 

Forthcoming Events

There is no major forthcoming event expected for the upcoming week. In the domestic market, only WPI inflation data is expected to be released on 16th Monday, September 2019. 

In the global market, China will release IIP data. Similarly, on 18 Wednesday, September 2018, Global outlook on Oil inventory data will be released. 

Overall, no major market data is expected to be released for the upcoming week.

Let’s look at technical outlook for the stock market for the upcoming week.

Nifty50 Level For 16 September
  • Nifty50 closed near resistance level1 at 11,075
  • Nifty50 daily support level 1 – 10,986
  • Support level 2 – 10,936

Daily and weekly interval nifty50 is expected to remain bullish market. The monthly resistance level is expected at 11060.

If on Monday (16 September 2019) NIFTY50 opens above the monthly support level of 11,075 and sustain resistance level of 11,060, then Nifty50 price is expected to reach 11,300. 

To conclude, do not buy if the Nifty is below support level 2 Rs. 10,936. And do not sell shares above the resistance level 1 of Rs. 11,060. The range-bound market will remain between 10700 – 11300  with positive biased.


Here is what you should know to prepare for stock market trading for the coming week. 

  1. Take a short-term bullish position if NIFTY50 levels rise above Support level 1 – 10986 and support level 2 – 10936.
  2. Long positional is still bearish till Nifty sustains above 11061 levels. Though it has crossed the level but it has to sustain for few days to confirm long term bullish trend.
  3. Do not take buying position below 10936 support level 2

To summarize, for short-term the market will remain bullish. And in the long-term, the market will remain bearish. If the market sustains below the resistance level of 11061 in the upcoming week, then traders should take long-term bearish trade position.

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Hope you like the stock market weekly preview. For more information kindly refer to the video below by Mr. Manish Taneja. 

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