Stock Market Weekly Preview: 08-Sep to 15-Sep 2019

Get insight into stock market weekly preview. Want to explore opportunities in Indian stock market? Get an insight into the stock as Mr. Manish Taneja (Sr. Research Analyst) explains what to expect before the market opens next week.

Stock market news is a virtue for every investor. Every day, we read many stock market updates. For instance, the government release data, auto sector slow down or trade war. Beginners to stock investing struggle to interpret this market news and data.

In this weekly update (September 09 to September 15, 2019), Mr. Taneja uncovers the news with a simple approach. Anyone can learn stock trading using a weekly series to make smart investing decisions.

In the post, we’ll discuss, 

  • Important stock news happens last week.
  • How data and news impact 
  • How investors react to the news
  • How to take trade position for the upcoming week in the bullish and bearish market

Weekly Analysis of Stock Market

Indian stock market performance turns negative in all popular sectors. The market slipped down by 2% but revived by the end of the week. This shows tougher times ahead. Although, there are multiple social, economic, and political factors affecting a downfall.

Let’s discuss the Bad and Good Market News last week.

Negative Domestic Impact

  • Fall in GDP growth 
  • Slow down in the automobile sector
  • Trade deficit  
  • Sluggish consumer demand or failing manufacturing sector

Investors spurt about the sudden downturn and waiting for revival. Companies like Maruti Suzuki and Ashok Leyland reported sales to drop by 47%. In financial sectors, where a company like Bajaj Finserv, planning to raise Rs. 6,000 cores to boost expansion plan.

Besides this, the slump of the economy factors affected various external aspects.

 Negative Global Factors

  • Dampener is the US-China trade war
  •  India-Pakistan tension
  • Global slow down   

Domestic Positive Factors

  • Expected further stimulus by FM to boost the economy
  • Economic activity factor index showed growth in July
  • Reveals GDP is bottom out at 5% and likely to improve 
  • GST modifications are expected in the Auto sector to boost the industry

Global Positive Factors

  • China shows growth in the service sector index
  • China announces next trade talk with the US
  • Ease of trade fears 
  • Reduce trade tension

Last Week Market Prediction and Analysis

Here is a snippet from last week’s stock market prediction.

  • Bearish on long positional charts 
  • Short term upward Pullback expected if nifty sustains above 10987
  • Range -10700 to 11300

Last week, both INDIA and USA market was closed on Monday. Markets expect to take a short-term rally only with the condition if it sustains above 10987 levels. But on Tuesday it opened below 10987 and confirmed no upward rally term Nifty slide down to its next support of 10700. But at the end of the week took a smart recovery and closed at 10946. So the whole week Nifty couldn’t breach our given levels and moved between 10700 and 10987.

Nifty 50 Market Last Week
Nifty 50 Market Last Week on Candle Chart

Below, I summarize last week. 

  • Last week market opened below our support level of 10987 and took a dip of almost 250points and got the support of 10700(lower range)
  • Stock smartly recovers in the last 3 days of the week and closed at 10946 on Friday.

Overall couldn’t breach our given levels and got a hold of the market.

The support and resistance levels estimate on the basis of Uni-Directional Trade Strategies. One who has gone through this strategy can find out these levels for Bank Nifty, Gold, Crude, Silver, copper and even any stock.

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Before going to any conclusion let’s check forthcoming events.

Market Ahead: Forth Coming Events

Here are the upcoming events to impact: 


  • Indian stock exchange remains closed due to Muharram
  • Release of INDIA- core CPI numbers on Thursday


  • USA job data on Tuesday will be relieved
  • Wednesday USA – PPI numbers and Crude inventory data will release
  • USA retail saLES will release on Friday


Here is what you should know the update next week.

  • For the coming week, the long Positional trend WILL BE  bearish where the trading range would be 10700-11300
  • Short term trend is bullish only above 10880
  • Stop-loss 10,880 sustains below 10880 no buying suggested
Next week Nifty50 levels
Next week Nifty50 levels on Candle Chart

Stock market weekly preview is an outcome of data and analysis. Beginners can join Market Analysis by Data and Event (M.A.D.E) course by IFMC Institute learn in-depth knowledge to interpret the market.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to share with us in comments. 

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