IFMC® Launches a Technical Handbook UDTS©-Intraday Trading Brahmastra

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IFMC® is known for its Simplicity and Uniqueness amongst stock market learners.
Taking a step forward IFMC® launches a Technical Handbook UDTS© – Intraday Trading Brahmastra for anyone who wants to master the art of trading without the need to learn cumbersome technical tools. The book lays out to trade like a professional trader. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, this handbook will be a valuable resource in Stock Market.

This book summarizes and marks 30 years’ journey of IFMC® ‘s and India’s leading Mentor Mr. Manish Taneja

This book is dedicated to talented, humble, and cooperative IFMC ®Team members, Learned Faculties, and backend team members

Meet you all soon at World Book Fair 23 ‘at Pragati Maidan New Delhi

The more that you read, the more you know. The stock market is where information is never adequate, and many things are between the lines. The only thing which can be called black and white is the statistics accessible to all. Reading between the numbers and forming a decisive conclusion is an art.

My humble attempt is to make you understand the why, when, and what of the stock market, so you can make your own strategy for intraday calls. Reading and thorough understanding will help you set your own rules, which no technical analyst can rule out.

If you are ready to learn stock trading in a simple way, then UDTS Intraday Trading Brahmastra Book is for you. I believe that by the end of the book, you will be able to trade confidently and have a clear understanding of the market without compromising on your emotions.

UDTS©, Intraday Trading Brahmastra

This handbook is essential for anyone who wants to master the art of trading without the need to learn cumbersome techniques. It lays out UDTS©, the Brahmastra of Intraday Trading, to trade like a professional trader. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, this handbook will be a valuable resource.

The book will have some technical and some experiential parts. I have tried my best to simplify it all as much as possible at the request of my YouTube family. So, I hope this book makes you understand what the stock market is, what intraday trading is, why the market goes in the reverse direction whenever you buy or sell, and why the profits are always peanuts. Fundamentally, it’s a guide on how to chase this mirage and come out as a winner. The only word of caution is that you should not be emotional and make all the decisions as per the strategy.

Every stock analyst has a unique way of seeing charts. While some use traditional methods like reading candlestick patterns, others might use more modern techniques like Fibonacci retracement levels. Just like every astrologer has their own individual way of making predictions, each stock analyst brings their own perspective to the table. One analyst might predict that a stock will go up, while another might predict that it will go down. It all depends on the analyst’s unique method and interpretation.

In order to see the charts from the correct perspective, you need to re-engineer your brain. This may be difficult, but it is necessary to gain a new and accurate perspective. This new perspective will allow you to see the true nature of the charts and how they can be used to your advantage. Technical analysis is the key to success in the stock market, but you need to learn it with a clean slate.

The Book is Enriched with Anecdotes and Examples to Simplify Learning

The book is an attempt to reach common people who want to learn Intraday Trading and want to trade profitably in the stock market without taking any paid tips or calls from the market. It is a comprehensive guide for beginners & traders to learn intraday trading strategies. No prior knowledge of technical fundamentals is required. It is a simple way to trade for a common man.

For better understanding, the reader can go through the complete online program of Uni-Directional Trade Strategies© by IFMC® Educational Institution Pvt Ltd. We highly suggest practicing paper trade and understanding our strategies competently before applying them to the live market. It allows you to imbibe how our strategy works and how applicable it is in real-world situations.

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