Muhurat Trading 2020: Meaning, Date, and Time

Muhurat Trading is an age-old tradition in the Indian Stock Exchange for all stock market investors, traders, and brokers. The tradition is celebrated each year on the evening of Deepawali.  

As Diwali also marks the beginning of the New Year, it is believed that Muhurat trading on this day brings in wealth and prosperity throughout the year. 

Stock market investors and traders perform ‘Lakshmi Puja’ at the exchange and the customary Muhurat trading takes place on specified time as declared by Exchanges. It is believed that on the night of Lakshmi Puja, the Goddess resides at the place of the puja.

If you are new to trading and want to learn how to make a trade with accuracy during Muhurat Trading then read this post. We have covered everything you need to understand about Muhurat Trading and how stock market beginners can make most of this day through learning. 

What is Muhurat Trading?

Muhurat Trading is a special trading session where the market opens for 60 minutes on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. On this day NSE and BSE allow traders on Diwali to trade to mark the beginning of the tradition. 

Traditionally it is an occasion for an auspicious beginning to the traditional New Year. Where investors place token orders and buy stocks for their children, which are held for the long term and sometimes never sold. Traders normally book their intraday profits, however small they may be. 

Muhurat Trading Date and Timing 2020

This year the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) will conduct a one-hour Diwali muhurat trading on 14 November, Saturday 2020 at 6:15 pm. 

The trading period will be for 60 minutes duration. Here is a detailed schedule for Muhurat Trading 2020: 

  • Pre-opening session – 18:00 to 18:08
  • Block Deal – 17:45 to 18:00
  • Trading hour – 18:15 to 19:15
  • Call Auction – 18:20 to 19:05
  • Post Closing – 19:25 to 19:35

Tips to Invest in Muhurat Trading 2020

Stock market is highly volatile. Especially in the uncertain time of the pandemic, prediction of the stock market in advance can be challenging for beginners. If you want to make profits, then start your research well in advance. Choose trending stocks by looking into their company’s fundamental data. 

During the muhurat trading, typically, the market movement historically remains positive, but trading volumes have generally been low. Although, it is important to analyse market historical and future data in order to gain profits.

What to Expect in Muhurat Trading 2020?

The year 2020 has been highly volatile for the market. But, according to the previous data, it is believed that this year in Muhurat Trading 2020 expects both SENSEX and NIFTY to remain in a bullish trend. 

Trading in the stock market is risky.  To avoid any type of loss one must acquire trading knowledge and prepare yourself well in advance to participate in this year Muhurat Trading.  Join IFMC Institute UDTS and M.A.D.E combo course if you want to kickstart your trading journey on this day.

If you want to predict the market levels accuracy then use Uni-Directional Trade Strategies. Also, in combination with Market Analysis by Event and Data will help you learn how to do the company’s fundamental analysis and interpret market data and events. Both these courses cover the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, which is easy to understand for a common man. You don’t require any background knowledge of trading to pursue this course. 

UDTS and M.A.D.E courses are copyright content of IFMC Institute, where you can learn and predict market future levels. It is a short-term online stock trading course for beginners. Anyone can enrol and learn to trade with ease within 24 hours through a video tutorial. 

If you have any questions or feedback, do share with us in comments. Happy Deepawali !!

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