Why IFMC is the Stock Market Courses Best E-Learning Platform?

Why IFMC is the Stock Market Courses Best E-Learning Platform?

Financial Market offers one of the most promising and exciting career choices today. The financial consultant/Advisor/Analyst /Relationship Managers/portfolio managers/Dealers/Fund Managers has become an emerging profession in the job market. The good news is that to become a professional in the financial market consultant or advisor does not require one to attend length and expensive courses. Those who aspire to become a financial market professional or who is looking to learn share market for personal investment, Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC) offers the best e-learning platform for the stock market courses.

Even working professionals, practising marketers, housewives, students, and retired offices who want to improve their skill and propel their career to the next level, can join the online course for stock market beginners.

But the question arises why one should opt for the Online platform, and the answer is very simple;

  • It is very affordable 
  • You can save time
  • No need to travel
  • No boarding and lodging cost
  • Flexibility of learning

Even then you get the best, as IFMC offers the classroom courses in prerecorded videos so that student gets the same learning even without being physically present in the institute.

The validity of the courses is 6 month and more, depending on the courses so that you have enough time to revise. Additionally, The books thru emails and mock papers gives you complete learning.

Above all the Faculties and technology when are mixed together they give the best.

That’s why the e-learning platform of IFMC is the best.

Here is our pick on IFMC best e-learning stock market courses:

1. Uni-directional Trade Strategies

IFMC is awarded for Excellence in Financial Market Courses 2018 by Radio City Delhi Icon Award 2018. UDTS course is copyright content of IFMC. The course is specially designed for traders, investors, and for all those who want to be a part of the stock market. UNI-DIRECTIONAL TRADE STRATEGIES is a bunch of strategies for investors and traders in intraday and positional segment. It increases the probability of trader to trade more accurately and confidently in the market.

 2. Online Fundamental Analysis Course

Fundamental Analysis is an important study of the stock market. IFMC is dedicated to delivering a standardized online fundamental analysis course education. The topic is very complex to study independently. Under the guidance of highly qualified faculty, you can assure that you learn the stock market in simplified form. Live market practice, case studies, and examples are made more interesting.

Fundamental analysis is must for all those who wish to invest for short term or long term. Nevertheless, its knowledge is vital even for intraday trade.

3. Online Technical Analysis Course

IFMC Online technical analysis course for beginners is a study of the market data assumption to determine securities through the chart of the price, open interest, and volume. It helps measure future market trends. During the course, you’ll also learn the working with different tools to predict price movement of any stock.

4. Online Option Strategy Course

Online option strategy course by IFMC will acquaint learners with the options market. The course focuses on teaching to enable traders to develop independent option trades strategies with a sophisticated approach to create and sustain capital while managing risk.

5. Online Stock Market Course for beginners

The Online Stock Market Course for beginners is designed to understand the basics of the stock market, including the derivative market, capital market, currency market, and commodity market. The study of these four types of the market is important as it clears all an arena of the stock market. The upgrade of this course is a UDTS course. The stock market is known as the largest and most versatile market, posing a huge scope to make money. An online course is a self-learning program with no interaction or doubt clearing sessions.

6. Result Analysis Trade model

This is yet another innovative and self-designed programme of IFMC. It is a copyright Programme of IFMC. This model enables you to analyze the news and use the knowledge to predict and made the right move in the market.

This programme is for traders.

7. Online Stock Market Course for traders

This is a combo course launched by IFMC, for all those who wish to start in the stock market or are just beginners but lack adequate knowledge to trade accurately and confidently in the market.

This comprised of 3 courses of IFMC

A-Stock market Course for Beginners

B-UDTS programme

C-Technical analysis programme

D-Option strategies

Knowledge of this course enables you to work confidently in all the four legs of stock market viz Capital, Derivative, Commodity, currency.

The course has been priced nominally for students.

8.  Online Stock Market Course for Professionals

This is another combo course launched by IFMC, for all those who wish to trade accurately and confidently in the market and want to invest and trade simultaneously. This course gives you 100% confidence to trade as you are completely equipped with knowledge.

This comprised of 4 courses of IFMC

A-Stock market Course for Beginners

B-UDTS programme

C-Technical analysis programme

D-Option strategies

E-Fundamental analysis

This is the most sought-after course by students, beginners, investors, and traders.


It’s not only traders and investors, but also entrepreneurs, bloggers, or anyone else who desires to invest in the stock market to earn money from home or become a professional career, can learn a lot by taking these online classes of share market.



  • Practical Training
  • Simplicity of Lectures
  • Value for Money
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