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Attend the only live classes on the stock market that have trained the lives of thousands of common men in India and worldwide. By providing the knowledge to trade with confidence and accuracy. There is the one and only live classes in the share market that will help you boost your trading knowledge. 

Stock trading is much more than simply buying and selling shares. It is the art of investing money in the company’s shares with the aim to make a profit. Trading involves a higher risk of losing money if not invested in the right way. The live classes on trading focus on empowering participants to predict the market and make profitable trades. So don’t wait and book your slot today on your way to becoming an independent trader. 

What will you learn?

In this latest stock market webinar, discover the following:

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Batch Starting From 27 January 2021

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Who should take this class?

If you are new to stock trading then you must enroll in these classes. These online classes in the stock market for traders intend to empower participants with advanced trading skills. Besides, if you want to have an alternative source of income then this course can help you. Start trading from home and become an independent trader. 

Why to enrol?

IFMC Institute is the best institute in financial market education. We work on sharpening trading skills with the right mindset to trade with accuracy in the stock market. Our team will guide you through proven trading strategies that focus on risk management and profit maximization. We have a worldwide presence with a team of experienced trainers who have guided thousands of traders. Take your first step today towards learning the sickness behind trading with confidence and become your own boss. 


Detailed Curriculum

Part 1: Stock Market For Beginners

Lecture 1

■ Basic of Investment

Lecture 2

■ Common Errors while Trading

■ Long Term and Short Term Trading

Lecture 3

■ Capital Market

Lecture 4

■ Understanding IPO

Lecture 5

■ Secondary Market

Lecture 6

■ Regulatory Framework

Lecture 7

■ Online Screen Based Trading

Lecture 8

■ Basics of Trading

Lecture 9

■ Clearing and Settlement

Lecture 10

■ Debt Market

Lecture 11

■ Basics of Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 12

■ Fundamental Analysis

Part 2

Lecture 13

■ Derivative Market

Lecture 14

■ Derivative Market Part 2

Lecture 15

■ Option Strategies

Lecture 16

■ Currency Markets

Lecture 17

■ Currency Futures

Lecture 18

■ Commodity Market

Lecture 19

■ Regulatory Framework of commodity

Part 2: Uni-Directional  Trade Strategies

Lecture 1

How to become successful trader

Difference between investor and trader

Lecture 2

Professional trading is an “art”, is a” technique”

Lecture 3

Rules of professional trading

Lecture 4

Making a short-term view (bullish or bearish ) through fundamentals.

Lecture 5

Making a short term view ( bullish or bearish) through technicals.

Lecture 6

Uni-Directional trade strategies

I – Intraday trade model (candle)

ii – Long-term positional model (candle)

iii – Positional trade model candle

iv – Short-term positional model candle

v – Long-term positional model line

vi – Positional model line

vii – Short-term positional model line

viii – Intraday model line

ix – Long term wealth creation through technical

Part 3: Technical Analysis Course

Lecture 1

■ Basic of Trading Concepts

■ Demand & Supply

■ Difference between Technical analysis & Fundamental analysis

■ Importance of Technical Analysis

Lecture 2

■ Understanding Trading through Dow Theory

■ Why “ Trend is called your Friend”

■ Understanding the meaning of Long Term, Medium Term, Short Term, through Live Market Examples.

Lecture 3

■ Usage of

■ Trend lines at different time intervals.

Lecture 4

■ How to find Demand & supply from Trend Line

■ Theory of M&N on monthly, weekly, daily and yearly basis

■ How to make Bullish & Bearish view

Lecture 5

■ Candlestick Study

■ Candlestick Patterns

■ Single Candle Pattern

■ Doji

■ Hanging Man

Lecture 6

■ Single candle pattern (Cont)

■ Hammer

■ Shooting star

■ Moru Bozu

Lecture 7

■ 2 Candle pattern

■ Engulfing pattern

■ Bullish engulfing

■ Bearish engulfing

Lecture 8

■ 2 Candle pattern and

■ 3 Candle pattern

■ Harami pattern

■ Dark cloud cover

■ Piercing pattern

■ 3 white candles

■ Morning star

■ Evening star

■ 3 Black crows

Lecture 9

■ Support & resistance

Lecture 10

■ Support & Resistance

■ Live market Practicals

Lecture 11

■ Understanding the Pivot Point Calculator

Lecture 12

■ Live Market Practicals on Pivot Point Calculator

Video 13

■ Pattern study

■ Breakouts

■ Bearish channel

■ Bullish channel

■ Double Top Reversal

■ Head and Shoulders

■ Rounding Bottom

■ Cup with Handle pattern

Lecture 14

■ Pattern study continued

■ Flag

■ Vomiting camel pattern

Lecture 15

■ Gap & Gap Analysis

■ Breakaway Gaps

■ Runaway Gaps

■ Exhaustion Gaps

■ Island cluster

■ & live Market practicals

Lecture 16

■ Oscillators & Indicators

■ Moving Average

Lecture 17

■ What is MACD

Lecture 18

■ Live market practicals on


■ Practical SAR



■ Accumulation Distribution

Lecture 19

■ Bollinger Band

■ Commodity Channel Index

Ichimoku trading strategies

Lecture 20

■ Money flow Index


■ Live Market Practicals

Lecture 21

■ Stochastic

■ William %R

■ On balance volume


Lecture 22

■ What are Leonardo Fibonacci Numbers

Lecture 23

■ Practicals live Market on Eliot Wave & Fibonacci Retracement

Lecture 24

■ Criticism of Technical Analysis

■ Conclusion of Technical Analysis

■ Charts are Mirror of Market

■ Recap of Technical analysis course

Applicability of Indicators or tools in the Live Market.

Part 4: Options Strategies By Mr. Manish Taneja

Video 1


Video 2

■ Understanding Call Options

Video 3

■ Buying Call Options

Video 4

■ Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying Options

Video 5

■ How to Trade in Falling Market

Video 6

■ Trading in Future and Options With the Help of UDTS

Video 7

■ Selling of Options

■ Option Writing

Video 8

■ Practical on Option Writing Pros & Cons of Option Writing

Video 9

■ Selling Put Option

Video 10

■ Why We Read Option Strategies

Video 11

■ Long Call

■ Short Call

■ Long Put

Video 12

■ Two Leg Strategies

■ Covered Put

Video 13

■ Long Straddle

■ Short Straddle

Video 14

■ Covered Call

■ Bull Call Spread

Video 15

■ Bull Put Spread

Video 16

■ Bear Call Spread

Video 17

■ Bear Put Spread

Video 18

■ Covered Call Strategy

Video 19

■ Long Combo Strategy

Video 20

■ Butterfly Option Strategy

IFMC Institute

IFMC Institute is governed by representatives who act as an IFMCians. We strive to build a culture of continuous learning and industry interactions. IFMC enables stock market professionals to expand their knowledge, stay tuned with emerging knowledge, and upgrade skills to climb a career in stock market. We are committed to producing Stock Market Analyst, Technical Analyst, NSE, BSE, NCFM, and NISM certification, Equity Analyst, Research Analyst and other financial market professionals for this upcoming sector.


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