Stock Market Course For Beginners

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  • USD: 79.43$

Stock Market Course for beginners is the most sought after course by student,investors,traders and beginners alike.This is an important module as it teaches all the basics of this market and is advisable to learn about the markets  before entering the Sharing Trading domain. A well knowledgeable trader is the most wise trader.

We follow the motto of ‘First Learn and then Earn’

Stock Market course for Beginners is the course designed to make understandings of all the markets viz Capital Market  ,Derivative Market, Commodity and Currency Markets most easier.We suggest you upgrade to UDTS (Unidirectional Trade Strategies )to get more hold on the market and this will help you to become a better trader.

Stock Market Course For Beginners

Stock Market Course for Beginners  is the most sought after module. Anyone who wants to be a part of share market,Stock Market must have knowledge of all 4 basic markets

  • Capital Market
  • Derivative Market
  • Commodity Market
  • Currency Market

Overview of these four markets is must in order to understand the working and interlinking of the markets.  Knowledge of terms and terminologies of these markets is must before anyone enters the arena of stock market

What Will You Get

PPre-recorded classroom Videos

  • 19 videos(9 hrs approx)
  • Language – Hindi
  • Books – No
  • Faculty – Sr. Faculty Fundamental analyst Mr.Vinod Garg

This is Self Learning Program – No Interaction or doubt sessions will be provided

Course Fee   

Rs 5400/-  ( Inclusive of GST)

Course  validity
6 months

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