50 Awesome Free Stock Market Course in Delhi YouTube Videos To Watch

Stock Market Course in Delhi is the ultimate way to build a productive career. But before you head for the classes, you’ll first have to confront tougher choice to make: how are you going to choose what to study?

The initial phase of the stock market program is dedicated to the completion of the core. These are designed to build a strong foundation of the basic stock concepts across various share trading skills. During the latter part of the program, learners can choose a particular specialisation area.

There are several factors that influence the decision regarding the area you wish to specialise. The financial market is vast. Depending upon your priority, market demand, job prospects, salary pay scale, interest area, job profiles, eligibility, and compensation package.

YouTube- a breeding ground for the web’s stock market educational videos. In recognition, we take a  look back at site’s 50 awesome videos to watch before you join the stock market course in Delhi. We’ve been collecting Stock Market related videos since 2018.

Here, you’ll find a stock market course for beginners, how to invest in stock market, options strategy, currency market, commodity market, and best intraday and day trading strategies based in Uni-Directional Trade Strategies model. The videos will help you understand the stock market course specialisation.

List of Stock Market Course Specializations

  • Foundational Course
  • Intermediate Course
  • Advanced Level Course

Let’s look at each one of them.

Table of Contents

Foundational Stock Market Course in Delhi

The increasing competition in the stock market has necessitated the need for learning core. Stock market course for beginners is a short-term preparatory program. The program is designed for anyone who wants to get started with the basics of share trading, the stock market, and technical analysis. The course is almost entirely practical in nature, although increasingly elements of the securities market and history have been introduced. Foundational courses qualify for those who pass to certification and move on to an intermediate or more advanced level trading courses in Delhi. Here is a list of YouTube Videos You Must Watch if you are planning to learn share market courses in Delhi.

1.शेयर मार्केट में शुरुआत कैसे करे? || How to begin in Stock Market?

2. Career in Stock Market, Share Market – Investor vs Professional Trader

3.Stock Market Trading for Beginners || Basics of Line Chart || Learn Stock Trading

4. When and How to Invest in Stocks for beginners ll Uni-Directional Trade Strategies

5. Start investing in Stocks with easy steps ll Uni-Directional Trade Strategies ll

6. Creating Big Wealth in Long Term || Don’t Put All Eggs in One Basket

7. How to get good returns from IPO ll Selection of IPO || IFMC Institute ||

8. Understanding Nifty and Sensex | How to invest in Nifty | Investment tips for beginners

9. Guidelines for Beginners – Proven Golden Rules for Stock Trading

10. Research Analysis in a simple way | Become Research Analyst

11. Importance of Research Analyst

12. Future and Options for beginners || Future and Options

Intermediate Stock Market Course in Delhi

Intermediate Stock Market Course in Delhi are NSE certified courses. The courses are based on 11 NISM NCFM modules. The course uses a powerful combination of fundamental and technical analysis to empower you to earn higher profits. Subsequently, that is structured to deliver an insight into short term trading on important share market: capital market, currency market, equity derivatives market, and more.

While every course range from 30 to 60 days. This online course uses an interactive environment, where participants interact and learn from a professional trader and mentor. Thus, using the unique principle of stock investing, it teaches you a tool to analyse market, future, and options.

13. Technical Analysis course by IFMC institute covers all topics of NSE-NCFM

14. Candle an Important Tool of Technical Analysis l Stock Market for beginners

15. Fundamental Analysis in Simple Way | How to Find Multibagger Stocks

16. Option trading strategies l Futures and Options l call and put l Derivative trading

17. Option Trading by Manish Taneja || Series 1 Introduction to Options ||

18. Option Strategies by Manish Taneja-Series-3 ll Buying Call Options ll

19. Advantage and Disadvantage of Buying Options || Option Series-4 ||

20. How to trade in Falling Markets? || Option Strategies Series-5 || Buying Put Option ||

21. Trading in Futures & Options with the help of UDTS ll Options-Series 6

22. Selling of Options ll Option writing By Manish Taneja- Series 7 ll

23. Capital Market Course

24. Commodity Market Course by IFMC ll Learn Commodity Market in Simple way ll

25. Currency Market Training ll Forex Trading Course ll Currency Derivative Course

26. Understanding Derivative Markets ll Futures and Options

Advanced Stock Market Courses in Delhi

Advanced stock market courses in Delhi is a full-time training program. The program allows students to develop stock trading skills and expertise in order to improve their professional qualities. To conclude, the program focus on simplistic money-making techniques with the help of live trading sessions.

27. UDTS with Technical Analysis for more accurate trades ll UDTS – Adavance

28. Positional Trading ll Make big profits from delivery or long term Trades ll

29. Live Option trading on Uni-Directional Trade Strategy ll Positional Trading ll

30. Fundamental Analysis also help in Positional Trading

31. Intraday Trading With Perfection | Make Money With Stock Day Trading| UDTS “The Master Strategy”

32. Selecting Stocks for Intraday Trading ll Uni-Directional Trade strategy ll Intraday Trading

33. Basics of Intraday Trading ll 18-Oct Session on UDTS Part 1 ll Winning Stock Trading

34. Intraday trading only if winning probability is high ll UDTS Part 2

35. Taking Intraday Trade according to UDTS Part – 3

36. How to do Averaging in Intraday trading according to UDTS  Part -4

37. How to Manage Risk in Intraday Trading? ll  UDTS Part -5 ll

38. Advance level of Uni-Directional Trade Strategy ll UDTS part 6

39. Intraday Trading in Commodities and Accuracy of Stop Loss with UDTS PART 7 ll

40. Live market Intraday Trading in Gold on the basis of “Uni-directional trade strategies”

41. Result Analysis Trade Model

42. Trading on the basis Result analysis

43. Result Analysis Trade model

45. Trader Series 3-Live intraday trading on the basis of UDTS.(GAP-UP and GAP-DOWN OPENING)

46. Trader Series4-Intraday trading based on UDTS increases the probability to win

47. Live Intraday Trading on the basis of UDTS |TRADER SERIES-5 | PART-A |

48. Intraday Trading on the basis of UDTS | TRADER SERIES-5 | PART-B

49. Intraday Trading on the basis of UDTS | TRADER SERIES-5 | PART-C

50. Intraday Trading on the basis of UDTS | TRADER SERIES-5 | PART-D

Career in Stock Market

While choosing a specialisation area, it always in student favour if your interest is aligned with career in stock market. If you choose a higher pay, it may be possible that it wouldn’t sustain your long-term interest. So, take your time to think, use these videos as your guide.

Hope you like our ultimate list to Watch 50 YouTube Videos. Before You Join Stock Market Course in Delhi. If you have any suggestion – share with us!


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