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WD Gann trading theory webinar empowers intraday traders or technical analysts who want to make highly profitable trades in the stock market. The webinar will teach you:

  • Introduction to WD Gann theory
  • Gann rules
  • Gann angles
  • Squaring prices and time
  • Gann calculators etc

About Course

WD Gann was a famous finance trader–born in Texas. He introduced different technical analysis methods like Gann angle, master charts, spiral charts, hexagon charts, and more. His market forecast studies on Geometry, Astronomy, Astrology and other ancient medications. In this course, we will cover all of this topic in a simple way and how traders can apply them with live trading examples.

Why join this webinar?

The market conditions are rapidly changing. Stock traders need news ways to make money. This webinar aims to help stock market beginners learn WD Gann trading strategies which will result in profits. Gann’s theory studies the market past, present, and future price in order to predict profitable traders. Studying market trends includes analysing and assessing the information by determining the angles drawn.

IFMC Institute is a leader in providing stock market learning for investors and traders. With our webinar on WD Gann Theory, the day traders can learn to read and understand Gann theory and rules to become a successful trader. 

Why Attend?

  • Industry-standard curriculum
  • Expert instructor
  • One-to-one video conferencing classes
  • Develop self-trading strategies
  • Learn forecasting methods
  • Exposure to live to trade
  • Get certification

Who should attend?

This webinar on WD Gann Theory is for investors, traders, brokers, technical analyst or anyone who wants to learn the profitable technique of making money from share market. 

Book to Slot Call For Registration:  9870510511

Batch Starting From: 27th August 2020


Module 1

  • Introduction to WD Gann Therapy

Module 2

  • Gann Trading Rules

Module 3

  • Swing high/swing low
  • Square box in short-term

Module 4

  • What is Gann Intraday Reversal in Short term?

Module 5

  • Diagonal cross and cardinal cross

Module 6

  • Example on how to predict stock price in intraday trading
  • How to get resistance & Support Prices

Module 7

  • Gann square of range in High & low, midterm

Module 8

  • Square of 9 in short term+midterm+long term

Module 9

  • Gann angle in mid term

Module 10

  • Seasonal Cycle in long term

Module 11

  • What is the Gann arc?

Module 12

  • Gann squaring time & price Part 1

Module 13

  • Gann squaring time & price Part 2

IFMC Institute

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By IFMC® Institute
3600/-       ( Inclusive of GST)
  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi or English   
  • Certification : - Yes 
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