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Are you losing your hard-earned money in the share trading? Do you want to know a simple way to predict the stock market?  Then join a webinar on M.A.D.E. –  Market Analysis by Data and Event. It is the best course where you can learn how to predict the market based on data, events, and news.

There are two types of market news – bad news and good news, which affects the share price. Interpreting the market news and data helps to predict the company’s future share price.  As a trader, market data and events are your best friends.  You need to spend a few minutes per day to study these data, but that every minute you spend to analyse market data and events is crucial if you want to make profitable traders. This is because world events affect company stock prices such as natural disasters, news, war, politics, and terrorism. This uncertainty causes a sudden change in the share prices difficult to predict. Predicting the market allows traders to earn profits. 

About Webinar

M.A.D.E – Market Analysis By Data and Event is a model of IFMC Institute is yet again an innovation of our Sr. Research Mr Manish Taneja. M.A.D.E has made it easy to learn the Language of Market and analyze it. M.A.D.E is News based stock trading strategy by analysing News and events properly trader can make smart decisions.

The webinar teaches students to decode the language of the market. The program is easy to understand. 

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Batch Starting From –09th October 2020

Program Highlight:

●       Flexible and small batch

●       Simple strategy for common man

●       Maximize your profits

●       One-to-one online session

●       Doubt clearing session

●       Live practical trading example

●       Expert faculty with 22 years of trading experience

●       Mentoring assistance

Completing this course will help you:

  • Analyse various events on the market
  • Understand how the market reacts to uncertainty
  • Interpret market sentiment
  • Learn to predict market accurately
  • Gain confidence to trade

Who should attend?

Any investor, trader, broker, or sub-broker who wants to learn a simple technique to predict the market based on data or news must attend this course. 

Check out this video: 

Course Outline

M.A.D.E Module  1

⦿ Thought for making MADE Model

M.A.D.E Module  2

⦿ Importance of DATA

⦿ The benefit of MADE Model

⦿ Indexes of World Market

M.A.D.E Module  3

⦿ OPEC Meet Decisions

⦿ Economic Calendar

M.A.D.E Module  4

⦿ Impact of Dollar

⦿ Effect of Central Bank Meetings

⦿ Role of Central Banks

⦿ Key Persons of Central Banks

⦿ Hawkish and Dovish Policy

M.A.D.E Module  5

⦿ Impact of War and Trade War.

M.A.D.E Module  6

⦿ Effect of Terrorism

⦿ Finding Latest News

⦿ Scams and Crisis

⦿ Elections and Political Situations

M.A.D.E Module  7

⦿ US GDP Growth Rate

⦿ US Industrial Production (IIP Numbers)

⦿ US WPI (Wholesale Price Index)

M.A.D.E Module  8

⦿ CPI (Consumer Price Index)

⦿ PPI (Producer Price Index)

⦿ US Unemployment Rate

⦿ ADP Nonfarm Employment

M.A.D.E Module  9

⦿ Non Farm Payroll

⦿ US Initial Jobless Claims

⦿ US Retail Sales

⦿ US Building Permits

M.A.D.E Module  10

⦿ US Residential Housing Starts

⦿ US New Home Sales

⦿ Consumer Confidence

⦿ Durable Goods Order

⦿ US State Population

⦿ PMI (Purchasing Manager Index)

⦿ Trade Balance

M.A.D.E Module  11

⦿ External Debt

⦿ Forex Reserve

⦿ Gold Reserve

⦿ Tax Rate

⦿ Bond Yield

⦿ GDP Ratio

M.A.D.E Module  12

⦿ Scandals

⦿ Companies with High Debt

M.A.D.E Module  13

⦿ Insider Activity Trading

⦿ Political Factors

⦿ Budget

M.A.D.E Module  14

⦿ RBI Meetings


⦿ CRR Ratios (Cash Reserve Ratio)

⦿ REPO Rate

⦿ Reverse REPO Rate

⦿ GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

⦿ GNP (Gross National Product)

M.A.D.E Module  15

⦿ IIP Numbers (Index of Industrial Production)

⦿ Manufacturing Output

M.A.D.E Module  16

⦿ Auto Sales Numbers

⦿ Bond Rate and Current Yield

⦿ Dumping Duty

⦿ FII Activity

M.A.D.E Module  17

⦿ Population

⦿ CPI (Consumer Price Index)

⦿ WPI (Wholesale Price Index)

⦿ Forex Reserve

M.A.D.E Module  18

⦿ Fiscal Deficit

⦿ Balance of Trade

⦿ Foreign Debt

M.A.D.E Module  19

⦿ MADE Model Part 1

M.A.D.E Module  20

⦿ MADE Model Part 2

M.A.D.E Module  21

⦿ MADE Model Part 3

M.A.D.E Module  22

⦿ MADE Model Part 4

M.A.D.E Module  23

⦿ MADE Model Part 5

M.A.D.E Module  24

⦿ Live positional trade practical based on MADE Model

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  • Duration : - 6 Month
  • Language : - Hindi or English   
  • Certification : - Yes 
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