“Value of Stock is More Important than it’s Price”

Many of us might remember when Sensex crossed 5000 mark balloons were blown in the air to celebrate. Sensex crossed many milestones from 5000 to 10000, 10000 to 20000, 20000 to 30000 and so on. Celebrations were not there on every new high but, of course, jubilations prevailed.

Sensex attained a new peak of 36740, Nifty is also flirting to kiss its previous high but no celebrations, no jubilations this time. Rather the broad markets and its participants are in the thick gloom.

Reasons for this are known to everyone. This rally is driven by 4 to 5 stock with a very heavyweight in indices. Can a rally driven by 10-15 or 20 stocks be justified. if not justified then there might be manipulations. And if manipulations then regulators should take the cognizance of the affairs and should initiate some corrective actions.

A battle is being fought in our Stock markets where large caps are bent to destroy mid and small-cap companies. simultaneously is stampede is also sealed amongst large-cap heavyweight warriors to retain no-1 position in terms of market capitalization.

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Few days back some amusing messages were on social media, one is here for you.

खरीद कर मिडकैप और स्मोलक़ेप हमे लगता था हम शेर हो गए,

अब जून मे लगता हे हम पूरे ढेर हो गए,

खरीदे थे जो तरबूज,

आज सब बेर हो गए.

Although this is an amusing message this is a mockery of investors. This message can also be interpreted as if grapes are contracting, the color of grapes is fading, no worry these faded and shrunk grapes would become raisin and will have enhanced nutrition.

A hardcore equity investor should focus on the nutrition of the fruit rather than its size. Investors should search opportunities in gloom and pessimism. Markets have driven opportunities to invest in fundamentally good stocks at away prices.

Happy ending and a prosperous future.  

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