What to do When the Stock Market is Falling?


Stock Markets never remain static. Volatility is the essence of Markets. But there is a difference between volatility and Rising and Falling.


Is the consequence of a change in sentiments influenced by short duration factors? These factors may be International, National, Political, Monetary, Economic, etc. Demand and Supply in stocks, excessive speculative activities in stock markets also are major reasons for volatility. In volatile market stocks or indices move in a range but with an unusual magnitude.
Swings occur either side and Frequently and sharply. Volatility is the darling of Stock Market Traders.


It is a state of the market when most Shares and Indices keep and continue the upward trend in prices. In such a market fundamental of stocks lose relevance, only technical work. Optimism rather extreme optimism prevails which leads to a euphoric atmosphere. In such a situation, investors should refrain from investing. Broadly narrated bull market.


Is a state of the market exactly contrary to the bull market? We can categorize the market as a bear market. Prices of stocks continue to fall. In bearish market also fundamentals are ignored. Price to earning multiple contract dividend yields expands. Profitability and valuation ratios become lucrative. Pessimism persists and investors shy away from investing because of pessimism.


Foremost one should win oneself psychologically over pessimism. Besides, wealth management is imperative to discipline trading.
Remember, In a bull market, People falling not investing when the shares were available at throwaway prices. This opportunities never emerge often so one should buy shares of good companies with sound financial fundamentals with the time horizon of at least three to five years. Markets will definitely take a turn from bearish to better considering that stock markets never remain static.

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