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Future Market Trading with Advance Option Strategies

Future Market Trading with Advance Option Strategies

Through live web classes for 12 Days

There is no Classroom classes due to COVID – 19
Therefore we have introduced Crash Course to learn trading perfectly with IFMC Stock Trading Mechanism. In this web class u studied option trading course with future market trading.

Check: Future & Option Trading

IFMC is Well Known for its Copyright Strategy UDTS©
So let learn how to trade perfectly with help of these Strategies in live Market

What Will You Get?

Webinar:    1:45 hrs Webinar for 12 Days through Zoom
Language:    Basic Deliverance in Hindi
Course Fees:    16200/- Inclusive GST
Books:    No
Certification:    Yes
Videos:   Pre Recorded Videos of Equity Derivative Course & Option Strategies by Manish Taneja Sir for 3 months (ACTIVATION)

Name of Faculties

  1. Mr. Puneet Grover
  2. Mr. Amit Sharma
  3. Mr. Pradhuman Maini
  4. Mr. Manish Taneja(Doubt Clearing Session)

Target Audience

  1. Investor & Trader


  1. Basic Common Sense
  2. Analytical Mind


  1. Earphones are mandatory.
  2. If you are not having Earphones mute yourself.
  3. Laptop, Desktop or Tablets are more preferred to use.
  4. Web camera should be on.
  5. Use Chat Box.
  6. Whenever you want to ask question unmute yourself.
  1. Derivative Market
    A- Importance of Derivatives
    B- Cash & Future Market
    C- Stock Derivatives & Nifty Derivatives
    D- Live Practical’s on Derivatives
    E- Basics of Option
    F- Calls Option & Put Option

  2. Futures
    • Making view From UDTS©
    • Live Practical’s in Future Tradinga

  3. Options
    • Making view From UDTS©
    • Live Practical’s in Future Trading
  4. Advance Option Strategies
    1. Single Leg
      1. Long Call
      2. Short Call
      3. Long Put
      4. Short Put
    2. 2/3/4 Leg Strategies
      1. PutCovered Put
      2. Covered Call
      3. Short Straddle
      4. Long Straddle
      5. Bull Call Spread
      6. Bear Call Spread
      7. Bull Put Spread
      8. Bear Put Spread
      9. Long Combo Strategies
      10. Butterfly Strategies
      11. Collar

Compulsory Requirement

  1. Earphones
  2. Laptop/Desktop/Tablet (Preferable)
  3. 4G Internet
  4. Webcam
  5. Demat (for Your Practice)

Pay Full or Partial Course Fees

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