Result Analysis Trade Model Course (RAT MODEL)

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  • USD: 48.54$

Result Analysis Trade Model (RAT MODEL)

Result Analysis Trade model is yet another innovative model of IFMC, which has been made and launched by Research Team of IFMC.

This model has been nick named as RAT model.

RAT model is another copy write content of IFMC and is again one of its kind programmes.
This model is explained by our Senior Technical Analyst Mr.puneet Grover.
After studying this model, you can analyze the company results and do trades in Intraday and Positional.


RAT  Model is segmented into two parts:

1- Intraday Trading Model
■ Reading and analyzing the result
■ Impact on stock price after results

2 -Positional Trading Model
■ You can make your positions in the market based on the result analysis before actual results are published. Thus you are ahead of others in making your buy and sell decisions and thus the probability of getting benefited by price fluctuation before the release of actual news increases.

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