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Ideal for students planning to advance career in stock market, upgrade share trading skills or want to learn new trading strategy. Now, learning the stock market got easy with IFMC – the best stock market institute in Mumbai for online courses.

Why Should You Learn Stock Market Online?

Share market training in Mumbai just got easier. IFMC institute the best share market coaching brings an online learning program to your home. Over 12000 students have already completed their online course in stock market trading.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

IFMC Institute is a renowned e-learning platform for an online course for share market. We hold a strong base of students in Mumbai.

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Our online share market tutorial is delivered with a simplified approach. Students can learn stock market online in a way that fits their schedule, device, and pocket.

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Build a Career

We mentor students to fill the gap by providing quality education and professional training in share market courses.

What is the Eligibility to Take Online Stock Market Course?

Whether you are looking for a stock market course in Mumbai or want to upgrade share market knowledge, we have a built a perfect online platform for a stock market crash course in Mumbai for you.

NSE Stock Market Certification Course

Stock market certification course in Mumbai help students to prepare for NSE certification job-oriented program. Investors & traders can take the NSE examination to get employment in the financial market sector. After completing the NSE module you can work in HDFC, ICICI, SMC, Angel Broking, and other Fortune 100 companies.

Stock Market Course After 12th

Students studying in school or passed out can attend a stock market course in Mumbai. IFMC Stock market course for beginners is designed for newbie who want to learn share market basics. Starting early to learn how to read the stock market will open great opportunities. Thus, help to streamline career in the financial market.

Stock Market Course for Graduates

If you are a student or planning to upgrade your knowledge the program is best suited for you. Advance share market courses like technical analysis will help you get high-paying jobs. You can attend stock market weekend classes. If you do not have time to attend classroom courses then take online share market courses in Mumbai.

Stock Market Course for Beginners

Do you want to learn how stock market works? Or do you want to know how to make money in the stock market? If yes, then do not wait. Stock market course for beginners in Mumbai is 100% job-oriented share market training for beginners. The share market course for dummies covers basics like what is Nifty, what are contract notes, and forex.

Stock Market Course for Investors

Investing is a great way to save money. If you have decided to make share market investment in Mumbai then you shall learn how to do it. We all know the stock market is volatile; perhaps you need a clear understanding of how stock market works. IFMC stock market course for investors in Mumbai is a foundational program. It will aid beginners to acquire important share market concepts. Such as what is share market, how to invest in shares, and how to earn money in share market.

Stock Market Course for Retired and Housewives

Investing is a great way to save money. If you have decided to make share market investment in Mumbai then you shall learn how to do it. We all know the stock market is volatile; perhaps you need a clear understanding of how stock market works. IFMC stock market course for investors in Mumbai is a foundational program. It will aid beginners to acquire important share market concepts. Such as what is share market, how to invest in shares, and how to earn money in share market.

Best Online Stock Market Courses
To Join in Mumbai at Comfort of Your Home

Are you looking for stock market training courses in Mumbai?
Choose from 15 specialisation course of stock market in Mumbai for beginners to advanced level.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • Overview of Stock Market
  • 5,400/-* T&C
Online Stock Market Course For Beginners

Online stock market course for beginners for the popular program in Mumbai. The course is a 9 hours online stock market training program divided into 19 pre-recorded videos. Each module provides a comprehensive study of stock market basics aims to create a power-knowledge on various tools and techniques.

It gives you an insight into financial jargons like capital market, IPO, derivatives, options, and legal framework. This will help beginners to stock market pick up the right market for investing through a study of company’s financial health. The objective of the program is that students can learn share market in Mumbai from anywhere at self-paced.

  • 9 Month Programme
  • S.M.T + F.A
  • 18,000/-* T&C
Online Stock Market Course for Professionals

Students can take the best online stock market course for professionals in Mumbai from home. The course segments into 5 modules from beginner to advance student. Students will gain knowledge of stock market basics, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and Uni-Directional trading strategies. By the end of the 67 hours program, you will learn how to make profitable trading strategies. The online teaching covers all aspects equivalent to any other classroom stock market course in Mumbai.

As our certified research analyst train students with theoretical and practical knowledge. An online course is suited for stock market investors, retail traders, and financial service professionals. Moreover, anyone can enrol for online share trading classes in Mumbai who wants to improve trading skills with live trading examples.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • Study of Charts
  • 5,400/-* T&C
Online Technical Analysis Course

Technical analysis course online helps students from Mumbai, Maharashtra study from home. Students who are looking to expand their trading knowledge should take technical analysis course. The best online technical analysis course for a technical analyst in Mumbai empowers to focus on learning trading patterns, psychology, trading strategies, and money-making trading techniques.

The 12 hours online technical analysis course in Mumbai is a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. Where students can benefit from e-learning platform to learn technical analysis in a simplistic manner. Moreover, the course will teach you how to interpret chart patterns, graphs, candlestick charts, candle pattern, support & resistance, and trading skills important for money management and risk management.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • Advanced Option Strategies
  • 5,400/-* T&C
Online Options Strategy Course (by Manish Taneja)

Join 1100+ students in the best selling Online Options Strategy course in Mumbai. Learn options trading technique from Mr. Manish Taneja (Sr. Research Analyst) to build capital. Investing in options can be mastered in a simplistic approach. The course is packed with practical knowledge. Students will learn what the options are, how to buy & sell options, and how to enhance the portfolio.

Options strategy course is for investors, traders, brokers and advance technical analyst. Our comprehensive options trading strategies course focuses on teaching technical analyst skills. Enrol in Maharashtra top share market academy to learn and get options strategies certification.

  • 1 Month Programme
  • Study of Company Financials
  • 6,300/-* T&C
Online Fundamental Analysis Course

Online fundamental analysis course is an on-demand program in Mumbai. The 13 hours pre-recorded video course is guided by a certified fundamental analyst. The course study stock valuation methodology by performing financial analysis.

Executing financial analysis forms the basis of successful investment decisions. Moreover, explore how to analyse the company balance sheet, profit & loss, interpreting qualitative and qualitative data. Students who want to get a job as a fundamental analyst can take the course.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • NCFM Module
  • 4,500/-* T&C
Online Capital Market Module

Online capital market course helped hundreds of stock market professionals in Mumbai to expertise. The 10-hour online program covers core banking and finance concepts. The program discusses bonds, equity, money market, foreign exchange etc. In addition, arbitration, indexing, Algo trading, and basket trading. All these topics are essential for capital market traders to create smart strategies.

The capital market classes in Mumbai are led by financial market experience. After completing the NSE capital market certification course in Mumbai, students can get employed at audit analyst, budget analysts, investment associate, capital analyst, and product operation analyst.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • NISM Module, Series VIII
  • 5,400/-* T&C
Online Equity Derivatives Market Course

Learn derivatives trading online in Mumbai from certified trainers. Find the best derivatives market course online for beginners. Derivatives trading are known as a powerful financial instrument, besides offer lucrative job opportunities.

To get a job you need to get NSE derivatives certification. IFMC course covers important 10 NISM Derivatives Module with a simplistic approach. The derivatives course for beginners study basics trading strategies for using future and options in stock indices.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • NCFM
  • 3000/-* T&C
Online Commodity Market Course

Mumbai students can maximize their learning to commodity trading with online commodity market course. The commodity market dealer’s modules cover in-depth knowledge including metal & agro commodity.

In addition to learning how to trade in NCDEX & MCX. The students who want to make a career in the commodity market can join the course and get NCFM commodity market certification. The module provides clear knowledge of risk management, profit management, and legal framework.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • NISM
  • 3000/-* T&C
Online Currency Market Course

Are you planning to join a currency market course in Mumbai? IFMC is the best institute for share market training in Mumbai. We will prepare you for the NISM currency market certificate course.

The program covers complete knowledge about the currency market, how to do currency trading and more. It is a perfect currency market course for beginners who want to become a currency trader. Learn in-demand skills with widely recognized to get a job.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • Event & Data Analysis
  • 5,400/-* T&C
Online News and Data Analysis Course

Learn data and news analysis technique to advance your career in the stock market. Every stock day traders need a profitable trading strategy for success in intraday trading. IFMC M.A.D.E course covers an advance technique to interpret market news and events.

The course replaces the basics of fundamental analysis study with advanced tactics. We will also teach you how to predict stock market to increase winning probability. News and data analysis course in Mumbai is a perfect advance stock market course for traders.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • Research Analyst XV A
  • 8,100/-* T&C
Online Research Analysis Course

Online research analysis course in Mumbai at IFMC is designed to equip professionals with competencies. The program prepares students for the NSE research analyst exam as a mandate of SEBI NISM XV SERIES certification. The course is divided into 26 videos including theoretical and practical knowledge.

The course covers basics investment topics for investors to understand how to identify and analyze the financial statement. The course is suitable for students aspiring to attain a career in share market as a research analyst.

  • 6 Month Programme
  • intraday & positional Trading
  • 3,600/-* T&C
Uni-Directional Trade Strategies Course

UDTS is a comprehensive online stock trading course in Mumbai. Students who want to master the technique of day trading can pursue the program. UDTS course is copyright content of IFMC Institute. Uni-Directional Trade Strategies course is divided into 14 videos and led by senior research analyst Mr. Manish Taneja.

Uncover 9 trading strategies for intraday, positional, and day trading powered by technical analysis. The strategies can be used in the capital, options, futures, currency, and commodity market.


Stock Market Course In Delhi NCR India

Your career is defined with what you are and how well you know it. Push your limits with IFMC Institute, benchmark and prove your knowledge with the world’s first stock market training institute.

It is now growing rapidly in India across education hubs such as Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad. IFMC is known for producing stock market graduates who are recognized internationally as career-ready.


Most frequent questions and answers
5 Reasons To Join IFMC Team of 10,000 Students
  • Limited access to high-quality self-learning content curate by NSE certified faculty.
  • 19 on-demand course covering the core of stock marketing modules.
  • Weekly free live trading sessions with Mr Manish Taneja
  • 24*7 learner support and assistance
  • Affordable pricing with the standard course fee
  • Blended learning delivery model
  • Best Institute for stock market coaching

India is growing at a fast pace so does financial market. The middle-class household sector of India is showing higher keenness today towards a global culture. Now people are ready to take the risk. IFMC Institute is a result of this to spread knowledge across people about securities market.

IFMC Institute is a best institute in India to cerebral attempt to outspread financial market skill among the mass. Established under the enlightenment of Stock Market Masters. The institute is devote to impart knowledge and bring revolution in the financial market. Our initiative seeks applied learning opportunities in the path that suits everyone. And most imperative to demystify share market training courses.

Learn stock market from respected faculty whose world-class research advance technical analysis. Our expert instructor is ones who guide to financial institutions and banks. Some big brands included are HDFC, Reliance Capital, Balaji Finance Capital etc. Faculty stock market training will help you make money fast. You may often read ‘how to invest in the stock market’ but doing is dangerous. An excellent is to go slow and easy to kill the stock market.

IFMC Institute is marking popularity for being #1 in international stock market courses. Be in the right place to become a share market lover to the leader. Our vibrant stock market classes in Delhi is in the heart of Laxmi Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, and Hudson Lane – surrounded by global business financial centers.

IFMC recognize as a top stock market institute as it covers all aspects of the financial market.Transform a global career in stock market with the world’s most flexible course. You can take stock market training courses in any above specialization.

Believe it or not. The stock market courses are a transformational program. It will turn an aspirant into a well-rounded leader ready to thrive and successful in a business environment. Enjoy industry-led curriculum personalize to support career.

IFMC is fastest growing advance stock market institute in Delhi. The institute offers detailed, well-structured, and advance stock market courses. The course covers 25 NSE modules. Program is led by NSE/ BSE certified technical analyst with 20 years of stock trading experience. Each stock trading course design to keep in mind the fluctuation on the primary market. To increase the probability of winning stock market the programs like UDTS and M.A.D.E is useful. The program focuses on different share trading strategies and risk management skills.

An advance stock market course curriculum endeavor aspirants with confidence to trade stocks. The stock market training is a full-time classroom program with live trading terminals class. To help in increase conviction while trading. Working professionals, housewives, or retired person can enrol for online stock market training. As online stock training classes avail at the comfort of home.

IFMC Institute commits to pursue excellence in 16 stock market courses for over 10 years – teachers investors and traders to make successful investment decisions. Investors like Mario Gabelli and Warren Buffett practice these timeless trading skills.

Stock market for beginners is a foundational course (with certification). These are short-term stock market courses to fulfill the skill gap. There is 5 standard stock market course after graduation.

Trading is a fascinating approach to make money in stocks. You can earn an attractive income, but first, you need to learn the rules. At IFMC Institute find stock trading courses suitable for beginner to hedge fund manager. Whether you need basics of stock trading or learn advanced technical analysis IFMC courses help you trade stocks moderately. With the right instruction and mentoring, anyone can make admirable profits.

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