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Fundamental Module

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Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation methodology arrived at by performing security analysis. An appropriate security analysis forms the basis of successful investment decisions.

This module aims at providing a basic insight into fundamental analysis and various valuation methodologies used.



Why should one take this course?

  • To have a basic understanding of fundamental analysis.
  • To learn the various valuation methodologies

The mock test is designed by IFMC  to ensures that student clears his or her exam in the first attempt. It gives you a real-time feel of exam conducted at NSE center. The question is available with answers and on top of it with explanations which set us apart and help the student understand and remember the answer.

Thus the platform is practically useful for all those appearing for exams at NCFM –  FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS

Course Outline

  1. Fundamental Analysis Introduction
  2. Economic Analysis
  3. Industrial Analysis
  4. Company Analysis-Non Financial
  5. Understanding Financial Statement
  6. Ratio Analysis
  7. Comparison Through Ratio analysis
  8. Time Value of Money
  9. Valuation of Stock
  10. Valuation of Firms
  11. Case Study
  12. How To Prepare A Research Report
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