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Diploma in Research Analyst

Diploma in research analyst(DRA) is unique programme designed for all those who wish to become research analyst, who wish to give calls /tips through sms ,website,radio,t.v or any other public media  or wish to provide call to their clints.

As per sebi regulation 2014 NISM series 15 research analyst certification is must and aims to entrance qualify of service provides by research analyst in the financial service industry.

Diploma in research analyst is a job oriented programme .this programme is a comprehensive programme aimed to correlate and combine knowledge of Technical analysis/Fundamental analysis and research analysis.

Technical analysis has became very much popular in the past decade and one can predict the moves of the market viewing the historical data. Various charts ,indicators, graphs helps to predict the move of the market and price levels are predicted . thus one learns patterns, trends, and moves of the market in technical analysis, fundamental analysis is a method to evaluate the stock/security by attempting to measure the intrinsic value of the stock. It is based on event, news , data analysis.

It is now mandatory for research departments in broking house, research house and other financial institutions to have certified research analyst who has passed SEBI NISM SERIES XVcertification.

Unique Feature of Diploma in Research

  1. Diploma in research is a higher programme that includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis and research analysis.
  2. With this programme one can upgrade in the industry.
  3. A complete blend of theory + practicals
  4. Learn to generate calls/tips.
  5. Learn to identify the upcoming stocks.
  6. Learn to know the intrinsic values of stock and predict tred for better profitability prospect.
  7. Learn to forecast prices and moves.
  8. Become 100% confident to trade and Earn.
  9. Faculty with more than 15 years experience.

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